The First Day of School

Yesterday was Brendan’s first day of school and it was a great success.  The school did a new thing this year and had the teachers all standing out front holding up signs so the kids found their teachers and then were led to their classroom.  In a way it was kindof nice that they did that, but I also wish they hadn’t since I like to make sure on the first day that Brendan can find the way to his classroom without any help.  I guess I just have to trust that my 3rd grader can find his way.  This is his fourth year in this school after all.

Brendan has been super excited for school to start ever since we found out that his former first grade teacher would be his third grade teacher as well.  I found it funny though that once we got him settled at his desk in the classroom that he suddenly turned shy.  Even when his best friend came in he was too shy to go over and say hello.  The best moment of the day came when his friend spotted him a moment later and wrapped Brendan in a huge hug.  His other best friend is in his class again this year, despite having moved over the summer.  I talked with his parents yesterday, and it sounds like he won’t be staying in this school for the full year, but at least for now the Three Musketeers have been reunited into one classroom again this year.  I can’t wait to see what he has to say about his second day of school…

All summer long it seemed like the kids couldn’t go longer than 20 minutes without bickering over a toy, or what to play, or who to play with, or something else equally annoying.  Brendan has been at school for two hours, and I haven’t heard a single peep out of the other two.  Cameron and Kaylee played nicely in the backyard together for close to an hour this morning.  Now they’re in the living room engrossed in Yo Gabba Gabba as I write this.  (that show makes me want to gag, but I have their daddy to thank for getting them hooked on it)  I can only hope that this quiet bliss lasts through the entire school year, but I know better.


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