It’s 6:30 am, a cool breeze floats through my open windows, and birds chirp gaily outside.  I’m dozing contentedly knowing that my alarm is not slated to go off for 15 more minutes.  I hear a whispered, “mommy” from my doorway.  Without opening my eyes I mumble, “come climb onto daddy’s side of the bed Cameron.  It’s not quite time to get up.”  He scrambles into the bed and the first thing he does is let out a very wet belch.  One eye opens.  “What was that?”  “I’m going to throw up.”  Both eyes now wide open, I commit the most horrible act of motherhood possible.  I shout, “GET OUT OF MY BED!!!!”  (what can I say?  I knew I’d never be able to sleep in that bed again if I had to clean vomit out of it.  I don’t know how they sleep in theirs given the number of times they’ve been sick through the years.)  Once out of my bed, I begin gently escorting my sick 4 year old to the bathroom, and resuming my normal mommy mode.

Of course he would be sick today.  Being a stay at home mom, I figured I was in pretty good shape when it comes to sick kids.  It’s not like I have to miss work or anything, and it’s not like I can’t do whatever I had planned tomorrow instead of today.  Well, I was wrong.  Today is the most inconvenient day for Cameron to be sick.  Today was pre-school orientation.  So at 6:45 this morning as I’m cleaning up Cameron and getting him settled into bed I’m trying desperately to figure out how I’m going to handle the issue with orientation.  We could miss it, but this is a new center for us and I was hoping to get some of my questions answered before he starts school on Monday.  I could have someone babysit, but since he’s vomiting that would require 1.  a ride in the car (no thanks) and 2.  exposing someone else to his germs.  So that’s out.  I discuss the issue with my wonderful hubby, and he says his calendar is fairly open today so he can just work from home.  Hallelujah!!  That means daddy can stay here with the sick boy and I can head to orientation with the princess.

Orientation was interesting to say the least.  Once I got into the building I wasn’t sure where to go.  I asked one of the employees, and she told me to follow the other parents downstairs.  Once downstairs, there were two classrooms and I had to ask another employee which one I was supposed to go into.  What is it about daycares these days?  We had the same problem with the one we were taking the kids to last year.  They always assume you know what’s going on.

1.  I’m new.  I DON’T know what’s going on.

2.  YOU should know I’m new and take steps to ensure I have a plesant experience in your facility and that all of my questions are answered.

3.  Even if you don’t know I’m new you should assume there are new parents in the crowd and give EVERYONE a refresher of some sort on your policies and practices.

Sorry, off my soapbox now.  Anway, so I was embarrassed to be there because I was the only one without my pre-schooler.  His teacher was great though.  She was disappointed to not get to meet him, but talked me through where he would hang up his stuff and walked me through the daily routine.  She even gave Kaylee some toys to play with so I could get my paperwork filled out.

Hopefully he will be feeling better by Monday and be able to attend his first day of school.


One thought on “Disorientation

  1. Poor Cam, poor Daddy! New lesson: Have a sick child orientation that explains to go immediately to bathroom and loudly shout “mommy”!

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