The Luna Curse

Last night we went to dinner with some of our friends that we hadn’t seen in almost a year.  We went to Red Robin since it was close to both our homes and because it is kid friendly.  We had a great time; the food was good, service was fantastic, and it was nice to be able to catch up with our friends.  On the way out of the restaurant Cameron asked for a balloon, which of course made Kaylee want one as well (thankfully Brendan has outgrown the desire to bring home a balooon).  We tie the balloons to the kids hands and bring them home.

Now our house has a vaulted ceiling in the living room, and 9 foot ceilings everywhere else except the basement, so balloons have always been a pain in the neck.  We decided the best way to handle it this time would be to send Cam and Kay downstairs to play with their balloons for about 30 minutes before we put them to bed.  That lasted exactly 5 minutes.  The two of them then came upstairs to watch Brendan play on the Wii.  Which would have been fine except they refused to keep their balloons tied to their hands.  It wasn’t long before I heard the first cries of “Luna!  Luna!!”  It should be no surprise to anyone that Kaylee let go of her balloon and it floated to the ceiling.  Luckily (?), the balloon string got caught in the ceiling fan which is at a lower point on our ceiling still able to be reached by the hubby.  Crisis averted and the baby was happy.

Soon after we put the two little ones into Cam’s room to watch a Blues Clues before going to sleep.  They took their balloons into his room to play with as they watched.  Hallelujah!  My thought was with the 9 foot ceiling and the long balloon string we’d get through the rest of the evening with no more incidents.  Oh no, the balloon string was just out of reach for Cameron, and over the next 3o minutes we were called in there 4 more times to retreive “Luna.”  After the 4th time we got smart and tied spoons to the bottom of the string.  Again, we thought we were in the clear.  The balloons could no longer float to the ceiling, the kids were happy because they were no longer tied to their hands, we were about to put them to bed for the night, and we knew by morning the Red Robin balloons would be dead.

However, we hada few more hurdles to cross.  As I carried the baby and her “Luna” from Cameron’s room to hers the balloon suddenly and unexpectedly popped.  This had the dual effect of scaring the living daylights out of her (and me for that matter), and then realizing her beloved Luna was gone made her scream in anger that I couldn’t put it back together.  I spent the next 20 minutes listening to anguished sobs of “Luna” coming from her crib.

Meanwhile, Cameron was being his normal 4 year old self insisting that he wasn’t tired, and didn’t need to go to bed.  And as he was standing in the middle of his room trying to convince us that he got to stay up as late as Brendan does, his balloon popped as well.  The reaction of the 4 year old was eerily similar to that of the baby.  The noise scared him, then he was mad no to have his balloon anymore.  Thankfully he was much easier to comfort than the little one.

At last the dreaded Luna curse was over.  The baby had lost interest in crying for Luna and snuggled down to sleep with her dolly.  Meanwhile, Cameron had stalled long enough that it was time for Brendan to climb into bed and with a reminder that Cam would be having a play date today he also snuggled into his bed and went right to sleep so today would come faster.

Curse you Red Robin, curse you and your beautiful yet defective balloons.


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