To school we go…

Today is Cameron’s first day of pre-school.  Both boys were out of bed before I got out of the shower.  I love having two kids who are excited about going to school.  We’re still doing good with our morning routine.  I wasn’t sure if it would work to bathe/shower all three kids in the morning before school without waking them up at the crack of dawn, but it seems to be working, and they still get to sleep in until 7:00.  I wish I’d been able to do this before staying home because I think the morning shower is helping Brendan’s attitude, and it really makes the bedtime routine much simpler.  Now we just do teeth brushing and stories at bedtime.

On Thursday last week I did a dry run to Cameron’s pre-school after dropping Brendan off at school to see how long it takes to get between the two, and it took 8 minutes.  Which is good since I drop off Brendan at 8:15 and Cameron’s school starts at 8:30.  Just enough time to get between the two with a little time to spare.  So today, we leave home at the normal time, 8:10, and get to school just like every other morning.  But for some reason, it seemed like all the other parents took stupid pills this morning on their way to school.  Traffic at Brendan’s school usually flows very smoothly, and that hadn’t seemed to change this year as last week went just fine.  However, today in the dropoff lane some dad decided to get out of his car and mess with something in the backseat after his kid left which held up traffic.  Then after I was able to let Brendan out I went to the end of the lane and was about to turn back onto the main road.  However, someone decided to park their van on the street and the mom in the car behind the van thought it would be a good idea to stop with her car blocking the intersection.  Needless to say I was quite frustrated by the time I finally got out of the parking lot.

We arrived at Cameron’s school with 2 minutes to spare (thank goodness the two schools are so close together).  Cam wanted to be just like his big brother and be dropped off without me getting out of the car.  I explained that his school wouldn’t allow that and reminded him that he didn’t know where his classroom was yet.  So he allowed me to lead the way.  He was excited up until the point that we walked into his classroom, then he turned shy.  But I got him interested in finding the hook with his name on it so he could hang up his backpack, then his teacher came over and introduced herself.  She showed Cameron all the things he was allowed to do while they waited for all of the kids to arrive, and his confidence returned.  Kaylee and I stayed only a minute or two to get him settled with some markers and a color sheet.  Then I asked if he wanted me to stay any longer and he said, “Nope.  I’m okay.”

I can’t wait to see how he liked it.


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