Would you like a meltdown with that?

Brendan is currently in his room muttering to himself about the unfairness that his brother and sister are permitted to talk, play, and in general make noise.  Apparently he thinks he is the only one that should be allowed to do these things.

Sound crazy?  Not really.  This was just the latest incident to spark what has been a long string of meltdowns this week.  He’s also melted down about who got to turn the handle on the garage door, if snack time would be before or after his homework, which side of the van Cameron exited on, how Cameron buckled his seatbelt, where his spelling list was, and what time I served dinner (according to him it was much too soon).

I’m trying to be patient, but my patience is quickly running out.  I had a feeling it was going to be a long week.  The novelty of the new school year has worn off and, happy as he is at school, he usually has meltdowns the second week of school as he adjusts to his new routine.  Added to that, daddy is out of town this week.  When daddy leaves town its a crapshoot how he will be.  He’s either the worlds greatest helper in the universe, doing all he can to help me take care of the little ones; or he is the worlds biggest nightmare, having meltdowns at every possible opportunity.  Unfortunately I haven’t cracked the code yet to figure out which kid I’m going to get.

Cameron and Kaylee aren’t helping matters much.  Cameron is going through a phase (some would say it’s not a phase–that he’s been like this all his life) where he is contrary about EVERYTHING.  That on its own is difficult to deal with, during a week like this it makes me short tempered and ready to pull my hair out.  Meanwhile, Kaylee is in a destructive phase.  Yesterday she managed to break a pair of my sunglasses (thankfully I have another pair) and Cameron’s glasses (thankfully we have a great eyeglass place who were able to reconstruct them).

I’m thinking it’s time for a stiff drink.  Or at least a simple meal of macaroni and cheese followed by an early bedtime.


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