The Accident

We hurried from the car to Target.  We were hurrying partly because it was pouring rain, and partly because Brendan was due at a birthday party in approximately 40 minutes, and we were at Target buying the present for the party.  We breezed through the doors and I started issuing directions to the kids.

“Okay, let’s get Cam and Kaylee into the cart.  Brendan, you can walk.  We’ll head straight back to toys and pick up a present, then come back up front to pick out some wrapping and a card, then check out and book it for the party.  Everyone understand?”  Brendan nodded in agreement, and Kaylee lifted her arms asking to be put into the cart.  Cameron, being his contrary self stubbornly said he didn’t want to ride in the cart.  He wanted to walk like Brendan.  Not wanting to waste time arguing with him, I agreed and said, “Let’s go!”  The boys started off toward the back of the store while I tried to convince Kaylee to sit down in the cart.  In the few seconds I had my attention on Kaylee I heard a commotion and a cry.

It turns out, as he’s so often prone to do, Cameron took off running for the toy section like a rocket.  Unfortunately a woman pushing a cart toward the electronics section was coming around the corner at the same moment he took off.  She saw him too late to stop her cart, and I’m pretty sure he never saw her at all.  Whatever the case, he and the cart collided in the aisle.  He came running over to me crying his eyes out and the lady with the cart followed close behind.  I worried for a brief moment that I was about to be lectured in the store by this woman for having no control over my child.  I apologized to her for the inconvenience and turned my attention to Cameron.  It turned out, she was coming over to desperately apologize to me for hitting my child with her cart.  She was quite concerned I would be angry with her.  We must have made quite a sight, each apologizing to the other for something that was clearly an accident.

In the midst of all the apologizing I was checking Cameron over.  He was a mess.  He pretty much face planted into the cart.  His mouth was bleeding pretty profusely, so it was difficult at first to determine the extent of his injuries.  I didn’t have anything to mop him up with, and I didn’t see anything immediately surrounding me that I could use.  Thankfully a passerby saw the accident and fished some kleenex out of her purse.  About this time, Cameron’s siren like wails brought 3 different Target employees running.  One went running for more towels, one a bag of ice, and the third stayed with us to ensure our needs were being met.  By the time the extra paper towels and ice arrived the bleeding had slowed and almost stopped.  With the situation under control I was able to convince the lady with the cart that he would be fine and no permanent harm was done.  I assured the Target employees that the ice would be sufficient and we needed no further assistance.  The employee that had stayed with us said that we would receive free slushee’s at food avenue and called on his walkie talkie to notify food avenue.  Unfortunately, as Brendan was now due at the birthday party in about 20 minutes we ended up not taking him up on the offer.

Cameron ended up with a small cut on his forehead, a half inch split in his lip, a fat lip, and a gouge in his knee.  Despite his naughtiness, I felt bad for him and as we were picking out a present for Brendan’s friend I saw a dinosaur on the shelf that Cameron didn’t have.  So, I picked it up for him.  That perked him up quite a bit.  Then after we dropped off Brendan at his party (only 5 minutes late I might add!!) I took Cameron and Kaylee out for ice cream.  After one bite, Cam smiled and said his lip was all better…but it would take a soda to make his knee all better.

Don’t worry, I didn’t fall for that one.  Hurt or not, he’d had more than enough treats for one day.


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