The Accident…part 2

You think I’m kidding, right?


I was working on getting Kaylee changed into her pajamas when Cameron came to the bedroom door and told me Brendan’s knee hurt.  I’m looking at him strangely, and wondering why he was telling me this.  So I hollered out to Brendan, and in a strained and hurt voice he answered me, and soon also appeared in the bedroom doorway knee bleeding.

It turns out, as he is so prone to do when he’s agitated, Brendan was running back and forth through my living room and tripped.  Unfortunately he fell against my black footstool which has metal hinges on the back as you can open it to store things.  His knee caught the hinge and ripped a pretty good gouge into his knee.

Now, I’m not usually one to get squemish with my kids injuries (that may come as a shock to those that know I won’t share food or drink with my children because I can’t stand the thought of their saliva on something I’m going to put into my mouth–but it’s true I’m usually a cool cucumber when they bleed) however this injury made me very sick to my stomach.  It wasn’t very large, but it was very deep.  It didn’t bleed very much, so I was trying to decide whether or not it needed stitches.  I didn’t think so, but the depth of the wound truly frightened me.  Then my fear turned to full fledged panic as Brendan starts panting heavily and saying he feels hot all over.  Thinking he’s about to vomit, I usher him into the bathroom (minus the horrified screaming that I did when Cameron threw up).

I leave him in there resting by the toilet and tried to finish getting Kaylee into bed so I’d have one less child underfoot while I deal with the knee situation.  Unfortunately, about that time Brendan stumbles back into Kaylee’s room.  I’m not sure why he left the bathroom, but he sat down heavily on the edge of her bed while I was changing her diaper.  I looked up to ask if he was feeling better and his face and lips were completely drained of color.  At this point I was fairly certain he was going to faint.  I asked him desperately to tell me exactly what happened to cause the injury.  I was fearing he had hit his head either before of after he hit his knee, but he said no he only hit his knee.  I took him back into the bathroom and told him to lean against the bathtub, and to stay there until I told him to get up.

After about 5 minutes he came out of the bathroom again, this time his color restored and back to his old self, except for complaining that his knee hurt.  Feeling the situation under control, I calmly put some neosporin and a bandage on his knee and started getting the next kid ready for bed.  Brendan sat next to me as I was doing so and was messing with his wound through the bandage.  This had the result of making the thing bleed profusely and within a few minutes it was apparent he would need a new band aid very soon.  Which got me worrying again that stitches would be necessary.  As my hubby isn’t due back home until tomorrow I called my mother to come over and assess the wound.  I needed someone to look at it who was not panicking.  She determined a butterfly band aid with a larger one to cover it would be sufficient and definately less traumatic than stitches.

So finally, after grandma’s comforting doctoring I got the last of my children into bed and let the boys watch a movie as a reward for their bravery through very traumatic experiences in the past two days.  There’s a good chance Brendan’s knee will scar from this, but as my hubby says, “chicks dig scars”

Bad things usually happen in threes, so I’m preparing myself for the princess to have some sort of accident next.  And if that happens this mom is throwing in the towel.


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