The End of an Era

Well, it’s official…Princess Kaylee has moved into a big girl bed.

It all started Sunday, when she was being a pain about being lifted out of the crib.  This is not a new concept for her, and I’ve found the best method to dealing with this is to ignore her until she decides to stop being stubborn.  So I was sitting in the rocking chair talking on the phone and pretty soon I see her climbing over the side of her crib.  The toddler bed was buried in the storage room, and after the weekend the boys had I was not about to risk letting her climb out of the crib again.  The crib is designed to convert into a toddler bed so I took off the front as a temporary measure until I could dig the bed out of the basement.  I don’t like to use the crib permanently because it sits 12 inches off the floor vs the toddler bed which sits only about 4 inches off the floor.

After training two boys to sleep in a toddler bed I’ve learned some tricks, which include emptying the bedroom of anything fun to encourage her to stay in the bed.  Amazingly, she took to the concept of the big girl bed like a fish to water.  She climbed right in at bedtime, and after checking on her a few times during the evening I was satisfied that she was going to stay in the bed and not going to roll out.

With as well as she’s been doing I wasn’t in a hurry to change her bed out any more.  When I moved the crib from one wall to another she threw a fit for about a week and kept trying to slide it back across the room herself.  That changed tonight.  Matt caught Cam and Kaylee jumping on the bed after dinner tonight.  He disciplined them, and didn’t think anything more of it.  We put Kaylee to bed like normal, and after about 45 minutes I went in to check on her.  As she moved to look at me I heard the bed creak.  I looked underneath and saw that the kids had cracked the bottom of the bed.  Well, that settled it.  We immediately took down the crib and put up the toddler bed.

I was really kind of sad to take down the crib.  Not because my little girl is growing up, but because of how long that crib’s been standing.  We got it from a girl I worked with when I was pregnant with Brendan.  He used it until he was around 2, then since we were trying to have another baby at that point we didn’t take it down, we just moved it to the other bedroom.  Cameron used it until we got pregnant with Kaylee, so again it never came down.  This is the first time its been disassembled since we got it.  That crib has been such an integral piece of furniture in our house for so long that I’m a little sad that it’s suddenly gone.


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