Short Stories

Things have been fairly uneventful for the past few days.  But the kids have been stocking up some good one liners I wanted to share.


In my house, the garage was only partially insulated and drywalled.  The parts of the wall which didn’t touch interior walls were left as bare studs.  In between the studs were nail points from where the builders nailed on the outside of the wall and missed the studs.  It’s bugged me for years, and I finally talked the hubby into doing something about it this weekend. So he and my dad spent the weekend finishing off the garage.  This afternoon when I pulled into the garage after picking up Brendan from school, we had this conversation:

Brendan – “Can I touch the drywall?”

Me – “Uh, sure….”

Brendan – “Well, is it dry?”

Me – “Um, yeah….”

Brendan – “Has it always been dry?”

Me – “Well, yeah…that’s why they call it DRY wall”


The kids and I were out getting ice cream and running errands tonight when my low fuel light came on.  I stopped by the gas station, and they had flags hanging by all of the pumps.  Cameron proceeds to get all excited and said, “Mom!  Mom!  Look!  Its the flag for the United States of Comerica!”


This morning I was going through the standard school routine and bathing the kids.  Cameron was finishing up, so I got down his towel to help him dry off.  Kaylee took the towel from me, and hung it over her hands like I do when the kids are getting out of the tub.  I tried to take it back from her, but she refused to give it back.  I had Cam step out of the tub anyway while I got another towel.  I come back into the bathroom and Kaylee is using the towel to pat Cameron dry the same way I would.  He was not thrilled with the situation, he looks at me and says, “Mom, make her stop.  I’m cold.”  It took all of my strength to pull her off him so I could wrap him in another towel and get him dressed.



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