Me and My Shadow

Actual conversation from the breakfast table today:

Me: “What do you boys want for breakfast?”

Brendan:  “Waffles.”

Cameron:  “Waffles.”

Me:  “What flavor?”

Brendan:  (hesitates, glancing at Cameron) “Blueberry”

Cameron:  “Blueberry.”

Would you believe this simple conversation led to a massive meltdown?  Because it did.  I can’t blame Brendan entirely, it has to be tough to have a constant shadow.  And that’s exactly what Cameron is, a shadow.  Whatever Brendan does, Cameron wants to do it too.  Whatever Brendan eats, Cameron wants to eat it too.  If Brendan is playing his DS, Cameron needs to watch.  Even the birthday party Brendan went to last month, Cameron assumed because Brendan was invited that he was as well.

One way or another we’re constantly disciplining the boys because of this.  And it varies, depending on the situation, which way we go.  Sometimes we try to give Brendan some privacy and tell Cameron to find something else to do.  But other times, we feel sad that Brendan treats his brother so badly all the time and will side with Cameron.  This morning, with the waffles, I looked at Brendan and asked, “What does it matter if he wants blueberry waffles?  Kaylee’s having blueberry waffles too.”  (mainly because I couldn’t think of anything better, and I already had them out)  But there was no reasoning with him.  He insisted that Cameron only wanted blueberry because that’s what he was having.  And he was probably right.  The few times Cameron has chosen his breakfast first, he has tried to change his answer to match Brendan’s and I do put a stop to that one which usually causes a tantrum from Cameron.

Between the two of them there is almost always some sort of tantrum being thrown these days, which makes life quite interesting.  Brendan put it best one day over the summer.  After a meltdown that had lasted a couple of hours, I was in his room trying to calm him down.  He looks at me with tearstained cheeks and says, “Sometimes it’s just so hard to be the oldest.”  It was at that moment that I realized my hubby and I will never have a full understanding of what it’s like to be Brendan.  We’re both the youngest in our families, and therefore only know the plights of a youngest child.



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