Growing Pains

Fall is definately in the air.  The temperature ranges from 45-90 degrees on any given day.  I truly despise this time of year simply because I find it so difficult to dress the children properly.  I usually try to go with long pants, short sleeves, and a jacket, but even that sometimes doesn’t fit the bill.

Wednesday, the day started out fairly warm, so I went ahead and dressed the kids in shorts and t-shirts and sent the boys to school without jackets.  By the time school let out at 2:00 I realized shorts and no coats had been a mistake.  The temperature had dropped about 15 degrees and was still falling.  On top of that, it was extremely cloudy and just as the bell rang to dismiss school it started pouring.  Needless to say, poor Brendan was quite wet and cold when he arrived at the car.

Thursday’s weather called for much of the same, so I was much smarter in my outfit choices putting the kids into long pants and jackets.  However, as Cameron slipped into his first pair of long pants for the season I realized I had a big problem on my hands.  All of the clothes in his closet are 5T, and somewhere over the summer Cameron outgrew 5T.  They still fit around his scrawny little waist well enough, but there was about an inch of ankle showing at the bottom.  Kaylee was also lacking in winter clothing, but at least I knew that one.  She’s gone through so many sizes this year that I decided it would be a bad idea to try and pre-buy larger sizes for her to wear this winter as it would be a crap shoot on if she’d still fit them.  This time last year she was in 12-18 month clothing, so I had bought a couple of 3T things figuring she’d probably be just getting into that size.  HA!  The joke was on me, because she’s been wearing 4T for most of the summer.

With the chill in the air I realized I was going to have to shop for clothing sooner as opposed to later.  So the kids and I went shopping for over 3 hours yesterday looking for some decently priced winter clothing.  Unfortunately, as all of the stores only recently put out their winter clothing, nothing was on clearance, or even on sale.  But I still got a few bargains.  I found leggings for Kaylee at only $4 per pair.  Cameron got quite a few pairs of sweat pants for $6 per pair.  All in all I feel I got quite a bang for my buck.

Poor Brendan was quite jealous of the new purchases as he didn’t get anything new.  The jealously won’t last long I’m sure, Brendan usually has a big growth spurt right around his birthday every year.  So the cycle of growing children and the need to purchase new clothing will continue.


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