Survival of the Fittest

Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m going to survive through my childrens childhood years.  Seems that these days they spend more time injured than healthy.  While we’ve been lucky so far, all I can do is wonder when my luck is going to run out.

Take yesterday for example.  My children have three places in the house they’re allowed to play.  The basement, where we keep all of their toys, and their bedrooms.  We’ve never worried about them playing by themselves.  Their toys are all age appropriate, and I purge the buckets frequently to get rid of any broken toys.  They have no toys in their bedrooms, but there isn’t anything dangerous in their rooms either.  They’ve each got a bed, and dresser.  The boys room also has a desk, and Kaylee has a rocking chair.

So yesterday afternoon Brendan was in his bedroom playing with his DS, while Cameron and Kaylee were in her bedroom playing with stuffed animals.  All of the sudden, Cameron comes out of Kaylee’s room crying, and saying he’s got marker all over his foot.  I look down and sure enought his foot is red all around the toes.  I started to ask him what they were doing when I realized that this wasn’t marker, it was blood.  I went into mom mode immediately and started doctoring his foot.  Kaylee had wandered out with Cameron, but she didn’t seem to be crying or hurt, so I focused all my attention on Cam.  As I worked to clean up his foot I tried to figure out exactly what he was doing that would have caused the injury, but he wasn’t giving very clear answers.  With him, its such a crap shoot if you’ll get the real answer or some made up story that makes no sense whatsoever.

Finally cleaned up and bandaged I told him to take me to Kaylee’s room and show me exactly what they had been doing.  As we got to the threshold of her bedroom, I realized no further explination was necessary and sent him back to the living room.  Though I’m not exactly sure how they managed it, Kaylee’s lamp was in the floor and smashed.  There was shattered glass over every inch of the carpet, in her bed, on the rocking chair, everywhere.  What amazed me at that moment was that after I’d cleaned up all the blood, Cameron had only two small cuts on his foot.  I slammed the door shut and picked up Kaylee to examine her feet.  She also had one small cut on her foot, but it wasn’t bleeding as profusely as Cameron’s which is why I didn’t notice it before.

Both kids were bathed to ensure any glass slivers that might still be on them were washed away.  Bedding was stripped off Kaylee’s bed and changed.  Every inch of carpet, the rocking chair, and all the stuffed animals were vacuumed off.  We did a visual inspection of the floor to ensure we’d gotten every single shard of glass picked up.  Feeling confident we started to go back to what we’d been doing before this all happened.  After a few minutes though, I noticed a glitter on the living room carpet which turned out to be another large shard of glass which most likely came off Cameron’s clothing when he originally came out with his injury.  So I quickly got the vacuum back out and vacuumed every inch of the upstairs just to be sure he and Kaylee hadn’t spread the glass shards any further through the house.

I don’t know whether to feel blessed or worried out of my mind.  My kids have always been extremely lucky on the injury front.  We’ve only been to the emergency room once in nine years, and that was when Kaylee had an extremely high fever.  Everything else we’ve either been able to doctor ourselves, or wait until our pediatricians office opened.  I know though that with each narrow escape that I’ve used up just a bit more luck and one of these days my luck is going to run out.

I think it’s time to invest in some padded suits for the children.


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