The Gardeners

Cameron has been bugging me to let them go outside and play bubbles for about a week.  Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy the past few days there just hasn’t been time for it.  The weatherman is calling for a cold front to roll through the area tomorrow, and temperatures to take a deep plumet over the next few days.

With that in mind, I made time for bubbles this morning.  I figured it would be a good opportunity for me to get the garden ready for winter as well before it got too cold.  So, around 10:00 this morning I got out the bubble machine, the sidewalk chalk, and a couple individual bottles of bubbles.  For a few minutes, the kids were in hog heaven.  Cam was trying, unsuccessfully, to blow his own bubbles.  Meanwhile Kaylee was happily going between coloring on the driveway with the chalk, and walking over to the bubble machine and saying, “Pop pop pop”

Seeing they were content I began working away in my garden.  I seriously neglected it this summer, feeling that going out in the 105 degree heat just wasn’t worth it.  So there were some mighty big weeds to pull in addition to cutting back the plants and trimming up the bushes.  Within 5 minutes, Cameron was bored with the bubbles and wandered over to me.  He wanted to know what I was doing, so I told him.  His eyes grew wide with excitement and (practically drooling, I swear) he asked if he could help.  I told him he couldn’t help with the trimming, but he could help me put the cut stuff into the wheelbarrow.  He was content with that and started hauling what I’d already completed.  He was fast and efficient, and seemed to be having more fun doing that than he did playing bubbles.

Kaylee was still scribbling away happily on the driveway, but the longer Cameron helped me, the more frequently she would look up from her drawing to see what we were doing.  It wasn’t long before she abandoned her coloring as well and toddled over to do what Cam was doing.  I put her to work as well, and like Cameron she was very happy to be moving cut plantlife into the wheelbarrow.  She, however, was not fast and definately not efficient.  But lucky for me Cam followed behind her and picked up whatever scraps she spilled.

I figured they’d quickly realize that what they were doing was hard work and grow bored with moving leaves and sticks from point A to point B.  But I was wrong.  For over an hour they contentedly picked up leaf after leaf, stick after stick.  And when the wheelbarrow grew full, Cameron was a huge help in bagging it up.  Toward the end, Kaylee did eventually get tired of it, and began running around in circles; but not Cameron.  He was my fully willing helper through the entire process.  He was quite upset when I told him we were finished.

I did find it humorous that Cameron had been willing to give up his play time to help me in the garden, but when I told the two of them to pick up the chalk and bubbles he balked at being asked to “work.”


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