The Accident…part 3

It took a few weeks longer than I expected, but as I predicted I have gone three for three on accidents.  Kaylee’s accident was by far the simplest and yet worst of the three.

My to do list was quite long today.  We had a jam packed weekend which meant that the house cleaning was put onto the back burner, so I intended to get somewhat caught up on that today.  In addition, the TV broke last week so the entertainment center for the old one is in the process of being broken down and gotten rid of.  Unfortunately when we painted the living room we didn’t paint behind it so that was on my list of to do’s as well.  Finally I had some calls that I needed to make, and I wanted to make sure I set time aside for those as well.  All of this was going through my head as I walked in the house with Kaylee after dropping the boys off at school.

I walked over to the new entertainment center to set up a cartoon for her so I could get my phone calls out of the way without her climbing all over me.  As I was getting everything set up she was in the entryway taking off her shoes and coat.  She got her shoes off with no problem, but was having some issues getting her arms out of the sleeves of her coat.  She started toddling over to me saying, “Jacky mommy…jacky.” which is her way of asking me to help her with her jacket.  As she got within reach of me, she tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground.  Unfortunately, she was at the perfect distance and angle to catch the corner of the entertainment center.  I swear the thud of her head hitting the entertainment center was loud enough to be heard by the neighbors.

I scooped up my poor baby even before she had a chance to cry, but the instant I looked at her head I knew the tears would come.  In seconds a nasty looking bruise and a large lump were already forming on her temple.  I got her to the couch and laid her down so I could grab a bag of ice.  As soon as I set her down she opened her mouth and began bawling like the world was ending.  I packed up a bag of ice quick as I could and hurried back to my baby to comfort her.  For about 15 minutes I did nothing but hold ice to my sobbing baby’s head and try to comfort her.  I wondered if I shouldn’t take her into the ER.  Was the hit hard enough to give her a concussion?  It was possible, and thankfully I knew the signs to look for.  So I waited for her to calm down before running off half cocked.

Once I got her down to just whimpering I set her down on the couch again (and got the crustiest look imaginable from her–as if to say, “how dare you put me down and leave me here”) and grabbed her pillow and favorite blanket off her bed.  I also grabbed a pillow and blanked for myself out of my room and created a little nest for the two of us on the couch.  Once she realized what I was doing, she perked up considerably.  I finally turned on the cartoon I was setting up for her when she fell, and we snuggled up on the couch together to watch it.  She seemed so comforted just laying there with me, and I felt so bad for her (the bruise is really nasty looking) that I said “to hell” with my to do list and laid there with my baby for the entire time Cameron was at pre-school and watched cartoons.

It was so worth it.  For a while I was still semi concerned we might need to take a trip to the doctor.  She was so quiet and lethargic at first, which it very unlike her.  She snuggled into my chest and lay so still.  Once in a while she’d reach out and pat the arm I had wrapped around her, but that was really it.  But around the time we had to get ready to pick up Cameron, she started getting active again and acting like her regular self.  I was very much relieved to see her acting so normally.

At pre-school the other parents noticed her massive bruise right away, and she was not shy about walking up to each and every one of them to show off her “ouchie.”  She was milking the strangers sympathy for all it was worth.  She also made sure Cameron saw her ouchie, and demanded a kiss for it from him.

Now, almost 12 hours after the accident she’s perfectly fine.  Well, except for the nasty knot on her head…thank goodness we did her 2 year pictures last week.  Here’s hoping we’re done with injuries and accidents for a while.  I’ve had my fill.


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