Snuggle Puppy

Every kid has a stuffed animal that they’re attached to.  In Brendan’s case, he has 4 or 5 that he is “attached” to and it just depends on his mood each day which one he has with him.  Kaylee is most attached to her “boo-bok” which is a little Ewok doll that Matt picked up for her on one of his trips.  And for Cameron, it’s snuggle puppy.

Snuggle puppy is a small white dog.  He’s got a kind of bean bag body and legs which makes him very floppy, and his fur used to be extremely soft, though Cameron has loved most of the softness out of it.  Cameron has been attached to snuggle puppy as far back as I can remember.  He carries it everywhere that I will allow him to.  He has refused to go to bed if he doesn’t have snuggle puppy in bed with him.  When he’s scared, snuggle puppy is the first thing he will reach for.  If anything ever happens to snuggle puppy I don’t know what we’re going to do.

Cameron truly believes that snuggle puppy can fix anything.  Kaylee had her check up on Tuesday, and Cameron had brought the puppy along to play with while he waited.  When we found out that Kaylee was due for a shot this checkup, he gave snuggle puppy to her to hold during it so she would feel better.  I don’t think it helped much, she was still furious that I allowed the nurse to poke her like that.  But it was thought that counted.

Yesterday though, Cameron took my love for him to a whole new level.  Matt broke a tooth on Tuesday afternoon, and was scheduled to go to the dentist to have it looked at yesterday.  Knowing how much my husband dislikes going to the dentist normally, I decided that the kids and I would go along just to keep daddy company.  I packed some things into a bag in order to keep the kids somewhat busy in the waiting room; I grabbed Kaylee’s doodle because if anything would keep her quiet that would be my best shot, and I grabbed the DS and the iPod for the boys because nothing holds a little boys attention like a video game does.  Cameron was helping me pack the bag and as we were sliding the items inside he dropped his snuggle puppy into the bag.  I didn’t think too much of it, because as I said he will take it anywhere that I allow him to.  I didn’t see any harm in him having it at the dentist so I left it.

When we got to the dentist and daddy was settled in the dentist’s chair I started getting activities out for everyone and I gave Cameron the iPod and his snuggle puppy.  He looked at me and said, “I brought that for daddy”  My heart just melted.  So we walked back to the exam room where daddy was and Cameron handed the puppy over to him.  At first Matt didn’t understand why Cameron was giving it to him, and tried to hand it back.  Cameron said, “No daddy its for you so you won’t be scared at the dentist.”  It was absolutely the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life.  Matt hugged him and thanked him and told him to keep snuggle puppy in the waiting room, that just having snuggle puppy there was enough to keep him from being scared.

Cameron is the kid that most often makes me want to pull my hair out.  He destroys everything in his path, and his listening skills are pretty much non-existent.  But when he does something like this, it makes me realize that of all my kids he has got the biggest heart.  Brendan is very polite and kind to others, and Kaylee is still in her adorable stage, but I don’t believe either of them would have done what he did for his daddy.


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