It’s Good to Have Goals

My goal today was simple.  I wanted to get my housecleaning done early today so that I could spend the rest of my day working on my cross stitching project and carving pumpkins with the kids.  Goals are great, but they never seem to work out the way I intend them to.

Based on what needed done, I figured I had about 90 minutes of housecleaning to do.  I’ve started a system recently that makes the housecleaning seem less overwhelming.  So I had to pickup in every room, fold a couple loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, and dust the house.  All in all,  not too heavy a load.  So I dropped off Brendan at school and came home with the little kids ready to get started.

I was doing well with my cleaning goal until I hit the laundry.  I hadn’t finished folding the laundry a couple days ago so that meant I had twice as much to put away.  This meant that two hours later I was still working on cleaning.  Then, on one of my trips into the boys room I saw Brendan’s desk.  The desk started a downhill spiral threw the rest of my “plan” completely out the window.

Brendan’s desk is very simple.  It’s hollow metal legs with a glass top surface and a single aluminum shelf in the back.  Not the most attractive thing, but it was within my budget and serves it’s purpose well.  I’m not 100% certain of the culprit, but someone got into Brendan’s bucket of art supplies, got out the crayons and colored all over the glass surface.  Not a big deal really, crayon wipes off easily enough with some glass cleaner and a paper towel (this wasn’t my first experience with this same issue), just frustrating because it was one more thing I had to do today.  So I grabbed the supplies and wiped it up.  Then, as is prone to happen with multiple small children, I got distracted from what I was doing and left the room for a moment.

Two minutes later I’m on my way back into their room, and the thick smell of ammonia greats me in the doorway.  Looking desperately around, I realize that Kaylee has gotten hold of the glass cleaner, and was shaking and spraying the bottle.  After a brief bout of panic I figured out that, thankfully, she had not ingested any or gotten it into her eyes.  She only managed to get it into her hair.  Drop everything again, put away the glass cleaner, and dump Kaylee into the tub.  A quick 5 minute bath and she was clean, dressed, and no worse for wear.  I headed back into the boys room a third time (still trying to complete my original task) and just about lost my mind.

Cameron decided to take advantage of mommy’s attention being fully focused on the baby, got back into the art supply bucket a second time this time for glue, took the top off and dumped half the bottle of glue all over the desk.  Then, realizing that he would not be able to hide this he quickly went into Kaylee’s room to play with toys hoping that I wouldn’t realize it was him that did it.  So after another round of cleaning, (this one not as easy) I finally accomplished my original task.  It was about 25 minutes after Kaylee had sprayed all of the glass cleaner, and the room still reeked of ammonia.  I flipped the fan on high, shooed the kids out of the room and told them they weren’t allowed to play in there any more.  By then it was almost time for lunch anyway, so I set my cleaning aside and began to work on lunch figuring I’d finish up my tasks during nap and still have the afternoon free to work on my other projects.

An hour after that the kids were done with lunch and we started prepping for naps.  I got Kaylee settled first, then opened Cameron’s door and determined he would not be able to nap in his room.  After an hour of airing out, the ammonia smell still permeated the room and I wasnt’ about to have him in there breathing that all through nap.  So plan B, his nap moved into my room.  The downside to that is that when he naps in my room he won’t actually lay down and go to sleep unless I lay down too.  So there went my plan for finishing up the cleaning.  I laid with him hoping he’d drift off pretty quickly and allow me to get up again.  Well, apparently I was more tired than I realized because the next thing I knew it was two hours later.

With only 45 minutes left until we had to leave to pick up Brendan from school I scrapped my plan completely, and am now working on plan B, or is it C, possibly D.  Regardless, today did not go according to plan.  Despite my high expectations, they never seem to.


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