Halloween Hangover

That was the longest day ever.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a whole lot of fun.  But wow, I don’t think we’ve ever packed quite so much into a single day.  Looking around my house this morning, it would appear that everyone else is feeling the same way; like we have a Halloween hangover.

The day started around 6:00 yesterday morning.  Usually the kids and I don’t get up until 7:00, but I needed to make sure I had all of our costume pieces together and knew I needed the extra time to get Cameron into his costume before we left for school.  So, it was an early start for me, and the kids soon followed at 6:30.  The morning routine went smoothly.  I got Brendan dressed, and his full costume packed in his bag.  I got Cameron into his costume, and his Halloween treats into the car.  Matt worked from home so I was able to leave Kaylee behind and get the boys to school.

After I dropped the boys off, I came back home and had a little over an hour to kill before going back to Cameron’s class for his Halloween party.  I used the limited time to get through some of the housework so that I wouldn’t fall behind.  Then I got Kaylee and myself into our costumes, and Matt got into his, and we were off to Cameron’s school.  45 minutes of games and treats later, and the party was over.

We had just enough time to come home and scarf down a quick lunch (in costume) before we had to pile back into the car and head up to Brendan’s school for his Halloween party.  Matt staked out a good spot with the kids to view the parade while I rushed down to Brendan’s classroom to apply his makeup.  After completing that, I headed back upstairs to join Matt and the kids.  We were all ready when the parade started a few minutes later, but then realized our “great spot” wasn’t so great as about a dozen parents pushed in front of us so they could get pictures of their kids.  It didn’t matter though, we got to see Brendan and got a few pictures of him.  Then it was back downstairs for the party.  45 minutes of arts and crafts, and one giant cookie later, we once again headed for home.

The little ones were melting down at this point, so I laid them down for a short nap.  In order to preserve my own sanity, I decided to forego the remainder of my housework and instead took my own hour nap.  Unfortunately, the kids were really not ready to get up from their naps but as it was almost dinner time they needed to.  A little spaghetti and the promise of trick or treating perked them up immensely.  Then we wrestled them back into their costumes for the last time, and headed out to trick or treat.

We made it through 45 minutes before Kaylee faded on us (sadly, that was only a street and a half), and we headed home to drop her off.  As we walked through the front door, Cameron piped up that he was done as well.  So a few minutes later it was just me and Brendan out trick or treating.  He’d really been into trick or treating when we got started the first time, but as we went back out it was considerably darker, the older kids were starting to come out, and he didn’t have his brother and sister to go to the door with him so he was much more timid about trick or treatine.  We only spent another 30 minutes trick or treating before he was done as well (sadly that two and a half streets–more ground in less time than we were able to cover with the princess)  Finally, we stripped out of our costumes for the last time, watched a cartoon while we snacked on a couple pieces of candy, then fell into bed completely exhausted.

Getting out of bed this morning was a real challenge for everyone.  It should be interesting to see how much we’re all dragging by dinner time.


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