Return of the Streaker

I’ve been watching the weather all week, and knew that today promised to be a gorgeous day.  Sun shining, temperatures in the 70’s, and a light warm breeze.  My intention was to take full advantage of the weather, since a cold front is due to roll in over night and bring me back to winter’s harsh reality.  Today’s agenda was set to include haircuts for both boys (I prefer to do it outside when I can, less messy cleanup), and hanging all of our outdoor Christmas lights.  I know it’s early to do that, but if I’m going to hang them then I’m going to take advantage of the weather no matter what the calendar says.

So, bright and early this morning I began working to get everything set up.  I moved all of the decorations I dug out yesterday out into the garage for easy access, and got my “barber shop” set up on the front porch with a towel and the clippers.  Next I went into the house and got the boys set up for their bath and shower.  Both boys hate the itchy, tickly feeling they get from getting their haircut and will only allow me to do it if they can bathe immediately afterward.

Once preperations were made, I called Brendan out and cut his hair, then sent him into my room to shower.  While he was showering, I called Cameron out and cut his hair as well.  After completing his haircut, I went into the house to run his bath.  As soon as he heard the water running, Cameron started to strip himself out of his pajamas despite the fact that he wasn’t in the bathroom with me yet.  This is not unusual, we are still working on the modesty concept with him.  What was unusual was that once naked he decided that it would be a great idea to run out into the front yard wearing no clothing.  I didn’t hear the door slam over the sound of water rushing into the tub and was only made aware of the situation when Brendan came running into the bathroom in his towel.  As I came storming out of the bathroom to get Cameron, he decided he’d had enough of his stroll through the yard and was coming back through the front door.

I was livid.  First of all, my kids are not allowed to go into the front yard with out permission and an adult.  We live on the main drive of our neighborhood and there are just too many cars to allow them to play out front alone.  Second, to do so naked!!  I have no idea how many people were witness to his spectacle, but I’m sure we can’t have been the only ones taking advantage of the spring-like weather.  I know I shouldn’t worry about what the neighbors think, but I’ve got to live next to them for a very very long time, so I worry about what they think of the mother who allows her child to parade around the yard naked.

It’s not like this is the first time Cameron felt the need to run around au natural.  Last year, at our old daycare we went to pick up Cameron one evening and the staff told us they had him shut into a bathroom.  On the surface this was quite concerning to us, but as they continued to explain, it made perfect sense.  Cameron had stripped off all his clothes and gone streaking through the daycare.  They initially tried to get him dressed and get him back into playing with the rest of his classmates.  He, however, would hear none of it and continued to take off any clothes they managed to get on him and run naked through the daycare.  As parents were starting to pick up their children, and the grocery store across the street had a good view into their windows, they felt it would probably be best to contain him until he was willing to put his clothing back on.  And that’s where we found him.  Truly, I can’t blame them.

I don’t know what it is about our middle child and his deep desire to run around in the nude.  Maybe its a sign that he’ll grow up and want to live in a nudist colony.  Maybe it’s just his way of trying to get attention.  Or maybe he’s a free and independant spirit who isn’t encumbered by societal norms.  All I know is that no matter how horrified I was by the incident, I lived through it before and I’m sure I’ll live through it again.


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