Time Marches On

Every once in a while it hits me just how fast time seems to fly.  Yesterday I realized we were suddenly halfway through November already.  My first thought was where did the month go, which was quickly followed by where did the YEAR go?  Once I got onto that line of thinking it really started to hit me how fast things change.  20 years ago I would have been a child myself, and now here I sit with three children of my own.  So I thought a trip down memory lane might be fun.

November 1992 (20 years ago):  My family was in the process of relocating back home after being away for a few years.  My dad and I had already made the move and were living with my grandparents while my mom and brother stayed back to sell the house.  I was both happy and sad to make the move.  I was glad to be back in my hometown, but I also loved our old house.  Besides we’d just moved 18 months prior to this move, and I felt I had just gotten settled and made some good friends.  It was really hard to leave them and have to start all over again.  It took some time but I did eventually meet some people who ended up being my friends all through high school.

November 1997 (15 years ago):  My senior year in highschool.  What I remember most about that year was that the last weekend in October we had a horrendous ice storm which knocked out power and phones all over the city for days.  I’d gotten enough credits in during my first three years, that I only had classes in the morning and I was working part time as a pre-school teacher in the afternoons.  I loved working with the kids, and had aspirations of being a teacher or someday owning my own daycare.

November 2002 (10 years ago):  I’d already been married to my highschool sweetheart for two and a half years.  In that time we’d already lived in two different apartments and at this time were packing up our belongings again.  We’d saved up and were able to purchase a brand new home earlier in the year, and construction was finally finished.  We’d move into our first house December 12, 2002.  We were so excited to finally own a home.  Having a garage, and not having to scrape our cars any more; being able to paint the walls any color we wanted; having a kitchen that was more than 2 feet wide.  It was amazing.  We loved the layout of the house too, it was a tri-level with a basement which seemed exciting and different and like we’d have all the room we ever wanted.

In just 10 years I went from being a child to a married woman.  But if I thought that 10 years went fast, it was nothing to what came in the next 10.

November 2004 (8 years ago):  A very stressful time for us.  We had our first child by then, and at 10 months old he wasn’t developing as he should be.  We’d already discovered he had issues with his eyes and were seeing a pediatric opthamologist on a regular basis.  By this time we were figuring out that was going to be the least of his problems.  By 10 months babies should be able to sit up on their own and at least be showing interest in crawling, if not actually doing it.  Not our son, at this stage of his life if you laid him down on the floor he laid on his back like a turtle unable to get himself into any other position.  At his one year check up we were referred to a developmental specialist, who then referred us to our public school district.  The school had a program for children just like Brendan, and they’d come into the house a few days a week and administer physical therapy and speech therapy in an effort to get him caught up to kids his age by the time he started school.  We were also discovering that our house which had seemed so spacious when we moved in, was quickly shrinking with all of the baby’s things.  Plus, there wasn’t a lot of space for him to crawl in, assuming we ever got him to that point.

November 2006 (6 years ago):  Things were starting to turn a corner.  We’d moved into a bigger house almost a year prior, and this one was a ranch with a finished basement.  Plenty of room for Brendan to run around in.  All the months of physical therapy had paid off as well.  at 18 months Brendan started to crawl, and around his second birthday Brendan started walking.  We were now working with a speech therapist to get him caught up on talking as well.  When he wasn’t talking by 2 the team was very concerned and began talking to us about the very real possibility that Brendan could be autistic.  Over the summer they scheduled two one hour appointments to administer an autism spectrum test.  The first one hour test was completed, and the second scheduled for one week later.  Somehow during that one week Brendan went from saying no words at all to saying over 5o.  Everyone was so relieved that they scrapped the test and no more was mentioned about the possibility of him being autistic.  With things looking up, Matt and I began to discuss the possibilty of having another child.

November 2008 (4 years ago):  At this point our life had changed again.  Brendan was close to turning 5 and now we had 6 month old Cameron as well.  The road to getting Cameron was long and fraught with issues, but after fertility treatments and a mis-carriage we finally had another baby boy.  Brendan was attending pre-school at one of the local elementary schools.  It was a blend of kids with special needs, and kids without special needs.  This seemed to be the perfect fit for him as he seemed to be straddling the line between the two.  He’d been put into a fully special education classroom the year before and he just didn’t seem to fit in.  Meanwhile, Cameron was developing right on target which was alleviating a lot of my fears.  I’d spent my entire pregnancy praying to God that this child wouldn’t have the same issues that Brendan did.  I just wasn’t sure I could handle the stress that comes along with those issues all over again.

November 2010 (2 years ago):  Brendan was now in first grade, Cameron just 2 and a half.  Crazy people that we are, we had decided when Brendan started kindergarten to try to have just one more baby.  We also decided that we had two kids already so even if we ran into the same issues we wouldn’t turn to fertility this time.  If it was meant to be, we’d have another baby.  After just a few months we got pregnant and had our beautiful baby girl.  At this point Kaylee was only a month old and I was quickly finding out that having a girl was much different than having boys.  From the day she was born, she was a diva.  When she was hungry she needed to eat NOW, when she wet her diaper she needed changed NOW, and when she wanted picked up she wanted it NOW.  I was also realizing that while having kids two years apart seemed like a good idea at the time, it was really very difficult.  Cameron was at a stage where when walking in public he’d suddenly drop your hand and run off.  Then I got to decide whether to run after him with the baby carrier which slowed me down and jostled the baby all to heck, or set her down and run after him which would allow me to corral him sooner.  And I got to do this every single day as I picked up Brendan from the after school program.

November 2012:  So that brings me to today.  Brendan is now in third grade, Cameron is in pre-school, and now Kaylee is at the same stage Cameron was 2 years ago.  Life is definately hectic, but much easier than it has been in the past.  I’ve been staying home with the kids for about 6 months now, and I can’t imagine how I ever got anything done while working.  Knowing that Brendan is still struggling in school, I’m so happy I’m at home with the time and energy to help him get through the problems and be successful.  While Cameron is still in school 3 days a week, he’s so much happier than he was going to daycare full time.  This gives him the best of both worlds.  He’s able to go to school and play with his friends for a few hours, but still be at home with mommy which makes him really happy.  I think he’s really looking forward to going into kindergarten as well.  He’s very jealous of Brendan.  Brendan gets to go to school every day, and pick his lunch off the lunch calendar, and pack a snack to eat during the school day.  These are all things Cameron just can’t wait to do.  I’m very happy to have Kaylee home as well.  I don’t feel like I’m missing as much of her development as I did with the boys.  It’s hard for me to believe, but life won’t slow down here.  In another 5 years all of my kids will be in school.  Brendan will even be in middle school by then.

Life moves fast, don’t blink or you might miss it.


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