Where There’s a Will…

Sharing is something that we’re constantly working on in our house.  Whenever one kid is not sharing, another will be highly offended and demand that we intervene on their behalf.  But then 20 minutes later the offended child will now be in possession of a different toy and not want to share with the 3rd child and be absolutely appalled that I’ve just told them they need to share.  This is nothing new.  Every parent out there deals with the sharing issue.  Occasionally though, the kids will have a moment that is so cute you can’t help but laugh.  And that’s what happened in our house this morning.

We rarely keep toys in the kids bedrooms due to their small size, but currently Kaylee has 2 toys in her room so she can use them upstairs.  She has a caterpillar shaped rocking horse, and a giraffe shaped riding toy.  I had just finished breaking up an issue between Brendan and Cameron, and sent Brendan into his room to play by himself in order to attempt some peace and quiet.  Cameron came stomping into Kaylee’s room where I was picking up and, being the offended child, began whining that Brendan wouldn’t let him into their room.  In essence, he wasn’t “sharing” the bedroom.

I stood behind my decision and was just telling Cameron to find something else to do when Kaylee toddled into the room.  He took my decision amazingly well, and decided to take the giraffe for a ride.  Kaylee, though she hadn’t actually been playing with the toy herself, was completely offended that Cameron would ride her precious giraffe.  She started screeching immediately, and demanding that he get off.  I sided with Cameron and told Kaylee to find something else to do.

She, being 2, screeched for a bit longer at the injustice of it all.  Then I looked at her and told her to ride the caterpillar.  She seemed to like that idea and immediately sat down on the caterpillar.  During her second bout of screeching Cameron had been sitting on the giraffe but had not actually ridden anywhere.  As soon as she got onto the caterpillar, he zoomed away on the giraffe.  Kaylee immediately started rocking the caterpillar.  A few seconds in, she started to cry that she was stuck.  The caterpillar was shoved pretty far back into the corner, so I assumed that was her issue.  I slid the caterpillar out from the wall and went about my business.  She began to rock again, and almost immediately began to cry again.  I looked over at her and she said, “It need move!!!!”  I was confused, it was moving…rocking freely and everything.  Then she stood up, grabbed the handles and began to waddle out of the room with the caterpillar between her legs.  Then I finally understood, she wanted a riding toy like Cameron and she was determined to keep up with him by any means necessary.

Where there’s a will, Kaylee will always find a way.


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