What’s Good for the Goose…

There are days that I really wish I could change my children’s names to something else…anything else.  It seems that most days all I hear throughout the house is one of their names being screeched indignantly at the top of the lungs of another one of the kids.

Take this morning for example.  I sent the kids down to the basement to play so I could bake muffins for breakfast.  All they had to do was play with their toys for 30 minutes, not such a unreasonable request in my eyes.  However, they weren’t even down there for 5 minutes before the first screech of “Cameron!!!” comes flying up the stairs.  It seems that Brendan had built a tower of bricks, and Cameron couldn’t resist the urge to knock the tower over.  I break up that fight and go back to making breakfast.

Another few minutes goes by and I soon hear a screech of “Kaylee!!!”  Cameron had evidently found another toy to play with, which highly offended Kaylee and she attempted to grab it away from him causing Cameron to screech.  Another fight broken up, another 5 minutes of quiet.  Then the kids decide that they’ve had enough of their toys and come trooping up the stairs to sit in the living room and whine that breakfast isn’t ready yet.  After reminding them that the more they bother me the longer it will take they sit quietly for a moment or two.  Then Brendan decides to snatch Kaylee’s Dora blanket off the floor and wrap it around himself.  Had he just stopped there everything would have been fine, but he never just stops there.  He opened his mouth and purposely drew Kaylee’s attention to him.  “Kayleeeeeeeeeeeeee…I’ve got your blaaaaaaankieeeeeee.”  Right on cue, Kaylee begins screeching at the top of her lungs, “NO BUBBA!!!!!!!!” And a massive tug of war begins with the blanket.  This was the third fight I’d broken up, and I had yet to finish up the muffin batter.  (and it’s not like the batter is hard.  Dump box contents into bowl, add milk, water, and eggs.  Stir)

You know the old saying, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?  My kids haven’t seemed to learn this concept yet.  Most of the time they’re screeching about something their sibling did, it’s something that they themselves have done in the past.  Brendan spends half his life singing to himself, yet if Cameron sings along with the cartoon theme song at breakfast I’ll be sure to hear about it.  Cameron is constantly upset because Brendan refuses to play with him, yet he will turn right around and tell Kaylee to go away because he doesn’t want to play with her.  Kaylee expects everyone to share things with her, but god forbid she actually share with someone else.  She lives by the toddler edict, “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.”

As I’m typing this, daddy is in the basement playing with the kids.  All is well at the moment.  Brendan is flying his action figure around and loudly singing his own private theme song, Cameron is trying to locate a specific toy and not really listening as daddy tries to help him find it, and Kaylee is desperately trying to gain daddy’s attention while daddy is trying to find the toy for Cameron not understanding that he’s busy at the moment.

Guaranteed, the chaotic bliss will only last for a few minutes then inevitably one kid or another will begin to screech in indignation once again.












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