Where did Diary of a Mom come from?

Well it all started with Brendan really.  The first few years of Brendan’s life were very hard on us.  We were treading in terretories never before experienced by ourselves or our families.  At the time we didn’t have a clear picture of what exactly was wrong with him, and without a name to put on the problem it was difficult to find resources or support groups.

Going through a situation like this always causes you to sit back and evaluate whether things could have done something to make things turn out differently.  Was there something you did while pregnant to cause the developmental delays?  Was there something wrong with you that made your child prefer the comforts of a rocking swing to the snuggle of his parents? What were those other shoppers thinking when you carried your screaming and flailing child out of the store?  How bad of a parent must you be if your 4 and a half year old still isn’t potty trained?  No one can really understand what it is you’re going through unless they are living through the situation themselves.

Early on, we were in survival mode.  Through all of physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions we were focused on that day, that moment, that milestone.  It really wasn’t until Brendan started pre-school that I started looking for an outlet for his story.  We still did not have a diagnosis for his eccentricities, but were finally on the path to get one.  All I wanted to do was share his story, our story, with others who might be going through the same things we were.  A resource for confused and frightened parent that would tell them they weren’t alone.  For a long time I wanted to write a book about it, I even started a draft once or twice.  After a while I came to realize that wasn’t the proper outlet for his story.  So much of our day to day struggles were lost in the narrative translation.  His story spans his entire life, but it’s really the day to day that tells his tale.

When I quit my job earlier this year I started doing daily status updates on my Facebook account so that my friends and family could keep up on the kids activities and my adjustment to being a stay at home mom.  I didn’t really think anything of it at first, it was just fun to give short little updates.  It wasn’t until I had to take a week hiatus from updating that I started to see the impact my updates were having.  I started getting major feedback that they loved the updates and looked forward to them being posted.  I continued with the status updates throughout the summer, but started thinking about other outlets to tell our story.

A friend of mine had once recommended blogging.  She said I had a lot of talent for writing and should do it on a regular basis.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, I figured I had nothing to write about, and no one would care to read what I’d written any way.  But now that the “Diary of a Mom” status updates had gained such popularity I thought it might be time to give blogging a shot.  So on August 15th, 2012 Diary of a Mom…Grade 3 was born.

It gives me great joy to write a blog and share my families experiences with others…both the good and the bad.  Right now my main readership are those who know and love us, but I’m hoping to someday be able to share the blog with others as well.


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