Today was supposed to be Cameron’s pre-school Christmas program.  His class has been practicing songs, and making props for about two weeks now.  He was very excited about it, and would randomly break out into one of his songs at the oddest times (in the car, in the bathtub, or at snack time) but once he knew we were listening to him sing he’d stop.  I don’t think he wanted us to hear his songs.  Unfortunately, this afternoon we got word that the program would be cancelled and not rescheduled.  He was quite disappointed at the news.  It wasn’t a big shock to Matt or I really, we’ve been wondering all week if it wouldn’t be called off.

The weatherman has been saying all week that we were due to get a heap of snow today.  They predicted anywhere from 6-12 inches would fall, with winds gusting up to 5o miles an hour.  So we knew that, depending on what time the snow started, driving to or from the program could be dicey.  The thing was, they called off the program around 2:00 in the afternoon and it hadn’t even started snowing yet.  I’m sure they were listening to the weather reports and doing what they thought was right, but it was very hard to explain why the program was cancelled to a 4 year old when there wasn’t a single speck of snow on the ground.

Luckily, the pre-school was right.  About an hour after they cancelled the program it started snowing…and not just a little.  Within the first 15 minutes our grass and driveway were covered in a thin layer of snow, and it was still coming down like crazy.  Well we hadn’t planned for an evening at home, so here we were with over an hour left until it was time to start making dinner, no homework since winter break starts in a couple of days, and no activities planned to entertain the kids.  I don’t know if it was the change in our plans, the weather, or some other unknown factor but the kids just were not interested in doing any of their regular activities.  Anything we suggested they do was met with whines.

Then it occurred to me.  This is the first significant snowfall this winter.  We had a closet full of snow pants, and boots that haven’t seen the light of day all winter.  So I suggested we all go out and play in the snow.  Finally an activity that was met with some excitement.  It took forever to wrestle three kids into all of their winter gear, but once we did, it was so worth it.  Matt and I bundled ourselves up as well, figuring we could get at least some of the snow off of the driveway while the kids played.  It was so worth it.  The kids had a blast!!

12-19-12 449 12-19-12 450 12-19-12 452

Everyone had their own shovel, and were more than happy to help scoop the snow off of the driveway.  Brendan was by far the most effective in his scooping, but he tended to leave his little piles of snow on the driveway, rather than moving them into the grass.  Cameron didn’t scoop very well, but loved following after Brendan and moving the piles he left into the grass, or at least onto a different spot on the driveway.  Kaylee was too distracted by the snow falling to actually do much scooping, but she had her own little shovel just the same.

We stayed outside in the snow for almost an hour.  By the time we were ready to go back inside enough snow had fallen to cover the driveway and sidewalks again, but the boys were cold and ready to be done playing in the snow.  At first, Kaylee didn’t want to go in.  She was having so much fun in the snow.  This is really her first excursion into the snow.  She was much too little to go outside two winters ago, and last winter we really didn’t get much snow.  So, Matt took the boys inside and started stripping them out of their winter gear.  I stayed outside with Kaylee and tried to convince her to come inside.  I was having little to no luck, until out of nowhere she started crying and holding her eye.  It took a minute to sort through the sobs, but it turned out that a mean old snowflake had flown directly into her eyeball.  Once that happened she was more than ready to head indoors and away from the dangerous snowflakes.


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