Enough Already!

12-19-12 389

This photo is from the last time my kids were sick, but it just about sums up my morning.  My intention was to get the kids up at 7:00 this morning to help ease them back into their regular routine before they head back to school tomorrow and Friday.  When I woke up at 3:30 this morning with a sore throat and cough that idea went by the wayside.  Brendan was kind enough to share his creepy crappy viral crud with me, and I’m really not appreciating his generosity.

So I lay in bed sleeping, knowing that at some point the kids were going to get me out of bed.  They all went to bed relatively on time last night (Cam and Kaylee at 7:30 and Bren at 8:15), so I figured they wouldn’t sleep in much past 7 even if I didn’t get them up.  Brendan finally wandered into my room at a few minutes before 9.  Once he was up I went and got up the other two kids and that’s when I found that my day was only going to get worse instead of better.  Cameron had thrown up in his bed during the night, but didn’t get up and tell us.  He just rolled to a different spot on the bed and went back to sleep.

Wonderful…I feel like death warmed over, Matt’s not here because his vacation is over, and I get to spend my morning washing vomit soaked bedding.  Yay me!!!  I set Cameron on the couch and started serving the other two kids breakfast before I tackled the bed.  As I served the others Cameron asked if he could have breakfast as well.  At this point he’d only thrown up the one time, so I wasn’t sure just how sick he really was.  I decided that a waffle without syrup couldn’t hurt, and might even make his stomach settle down.  Still, not wanting to tempt fate, I set a barf bucket on the table next to him just in case.

The kids started eating, and watching their breakfast cartoon.  I served myself a bowl of cereal and was just about to eat when I heard labored breathing coming from the table.  Cameron had turned stark white and was breathing heavily, a sure sign he’s about to vomit.  I said, “Get the bucket get the bucket get the bucket get the bucket get the bucket get the BUCKET!!”  Too late.  Right down the front of his pajamas.  My cereal forgotten, I hauled him off to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dumped him into the bathtub.  There he sat, shivering in the warm water, while I quickly stripped his bedding and threw all of the vomit soaked items into the washer.  I also got the couch prepared to house a sick child for the day, then went back into the bathroom to clean Cameron up and get him into fresh pajamas.

I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am of dealing with illness.  At least one of us has either been sick or getting over an illness since the middle of December.  Kaylee started off the trend with a cold the week before Matt’s vacation.  She passed it along to him and me, and we both spent the first 3-4 days of his vacation with a cold as well.  We then spent the next 10 days coughing and recovering from our illness.  Then on Christmas Brendan came down with the creepy crappy viral crud and he spent the next week sick and recovering.  Around the time Bren started to feel better Matt came down with a second cold.  He spent the last few days of his vacation just like the first few days, recovering from a cold.  Then today I get the creepy crappy viral crud and Cameron gets the barfing flu…


We haven’t had a bout of sickness this bad since the winter of 2007.  We spent that entire winter season sick as can be.  Matt, Brendan, and a very pregnant me passed through the house colds, flu, strep throat, and bronchitis.  As soon as someone got well the next person in line would get sick.  The worst one was the day that Matt had dropped me off at work because we were supposed to be going out as soon as I got off and that way he could just pick me up and I wouldn’t have to waste time heading home first.  Well at some point during the day, he and Brendan both came down with the barfing flu.  He called me at work and said I needed to call my parents to pick me up because there was no way he’d be able to do it.  I called my parents only to find that they were both down with the same problem.  With everyone close by sick as a dog, I finally turned to my team and asked one of them to take me home.  It wasn’t long before I was sick right along with my boys.

And it’s not just been this few weeks either.  It seems like we’ve had more instances of illness since school started than I can count.  Believe it or not, the boys have missed surprisingly little school this year despite illness.  They’ve managed to get sick on either the weekend or over a break.  Brendan has not actually missed a single day of school this year, and Cameron only one.  I do appreciate my stay at home status when the kids are sick, but on days where I’m sick as well I really wish Matt stayed at home too.  (yeah I know, where would we generate income?  Right now in my germ infested state…I don’t really care.  I still wish he were here).

From my perch here on the bed I hear gagging coming from the living room.  That’s my cue.  Super mommy to the rescue.


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