The Littlest Superhero

Superheroes are overtaking my house.

It’s not really too much of a surprise.  Matt and I have both always been into the whole superhero/comic book characters thing.  We grew up on the Batman movies, and spent much of our married life going to see the X-Men and Incredible Hulk movies.  So a couple of years ago, Matt decided to rent the Justice League cartoon from Netflix.  It had been a while since he’d seen it, and it sounded good.  What neither of us expected was how much Brendan would get into the whole thing.  It soon became a tradition that as soon as the new disk arrived, Matt and Brendan would be parked in the chair together and begin devouring episodes.  Brendan quickly grew tired of waiting the 3-4 days for the new disk to be delivered to the house so we ended up buying the series on DVD.  Once we did that, his obsession just grew more intense.  There was one disk that he watched at least twice a day because it contained his all time favorite episode.

After more than a year of this, he suddenly stopped asking for Justice League and the disks began to grow dust.  Then this past April Cameron was given a Bat Cave for his birthday, and that seemed to spark the whole superhero thing all over again.  For months and months all the boys wanted to do was go and play Batman in the basement.  It was as if all of their other toys were completely forgotten.  Over summer vacation Brendan’s new favorite cartoon became The X-Men and he soon grew to know all the different mutants as well as he knew the members of the Justice League.

Around Halloween it seemed that their interest in superheroes was waning a bit again, and we were a bit concerned knowing that Santa had bought a bunch of new Batman stuff to add to their collection.  We tried reviving the old Justice League disks again by having a JL marathon during our dinnertime family movie.  But after a few days the boys grew bored with it and wanted to watch something else.  We let the subject drop for a while, then by accident we got them into superheroes all over again.

While flipping through Netflix on our Wii to see what had been added to streaming recently, Matt caught sight of The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  It was something he’d caught on TV once in a while back when we had TV.  So he decided it might be fun to catch up on it.  Before he knew what was happening the boys were completely engrossed in the show.  Not only were they watching it with him, but also requesting to have it played for their breakfast cartoon as well.

It became the norm for the boys to break out into The Avengers theme song at random times during the day.  They were also slowly learning the names of their new superhero group, though at first Cameron referred to them as Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Fuzzy Guy, and the Flash.  To this day we have no idea who he thought “Fuzzy Guy” was.  Even Kaylee’s starting to get into it.  She will run through the house yelling, “Abengers Assemble!” or will wrap something around her neck (a blanket, a pair of leggings, or even a dirty sock) and call herself, “Super Dee Dee!”  (don’t ask where Dee Dee came from, we don’t know.  She can say Kaylee, but if you ask her what her name is she’ll say Dee Dee every time.  It’s gotten to the point where we call her Dee Dee more than Kaylee).

So with all this superhero hysteria going on, it should come as no surprise that the kids play Avengers almost exclusively these days.  On the playground at school, with their Batman toys, whatever they have handy.  Yesterday, Kaylee was playing with our Iron Man mask (ironically we’ve had that for 2-3 years–before the boys had even heard of the Avengers) by putting it on and yelling, “Super Dee Dee” over and over again.  Cameron then decided he wanted to get in on the action, so he grabbed the mask right out of her hands and said, “No Kaylee I get to be Iron Man.”  I fully expected a screech to be forthcoming, and was prepared to give the mask back to her since she did have it first.  However, much to my surprise, she just said, “Okay Boo Boo, then I’ll be bucket head.” and then proceded to put an empty ice cream bucket onto her head.  They went on playing contentedly, so I just chuckled to myself and moved on with my day.

Oh, and I’m sure you’re asking y0urself about Boo Boo.  All of my kids were tagged with nicknames when they were babies.  Brendan and Cameron’s have both stuck for quite a while because they were easier for the other babies to say at first than their real names were.  Brendan is Bubba (though he gets very angry if you call him that at school.  “Not cool mom”) and Cameron is Boo Boo.  For a long time Kaylee was Poo-Poo Princess, but that one faded out when she started calling herself Dee Dee.  So I’ve got three kids; Bubba, Boo Boo, and Dee Dee.  We are slowly trying to retrain Kaylee to call the boys by their names now because both are quite keen to get rid of their “baby” nicknames.  Gee, I can’t understand why Cameron wouldn’t want to be called Boo Boo all his life.


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