Lazy Day to Crazy Day

Saturday morning was off to a slow start.  Brendan and I had gone to a hockey game the night before and hadn’t gotten home until after 11.  Matt had also let the two little kids stay up a little bit past their bedtime, so they were feeling tired as well.  So by 10:00 Saturday morning we were all up and had eaten breakfast, but that was pretty much all we had accomplished.

A few minutes after 10, I got a phone call which ended up getting us all up and moving and turning the rest of our day upside down.  The caller ID showed it was one of Brendan’s friends from school.  His mom had mentioned a few weeks ago that they were talking about having Brendan over for a sleepover, so I was pretty sure I knew what the conversation was going to be about.  But as I answered, there was an unfamiliar voice on the other end of the phone.  It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Brendan’s friend on the phone for a change instead of his mom.  I went ahead and put Brendan on the phone to talk with his friend, and sure enough they made arrangements to have a sleepover that night.

Brendan was very excited about going to his friends house, and Cameron was too at first…at least until we explained to him that he wasn’t invited and didn’t get to go to the sleepover with Brendan.  Cameron was distraught, first Brendan got to go to the hockey game on Friday night and he didn’t, and now Brendan was getting to go to a slumber party and Cameron wasn’t.  It was just too much for my buddy to handle, and he burst into tears.  We felt bad for him, but what was there to do?  We’d tried to take him to hockey and it just wasn’t worth it.  We’d have been happy to let him spend the night at a friend’s house, but he hadn’t been invited anywhere.  Then an idea struck me, so I picked up the phone again.

Matt’s sister had mentioned a few weeks ago that her son was begging to have a sleepover with my boys.  Then again on New Year’s Eve he begged and begged to have them stay all night long, but it just didn’t work out that way.  So I called her up and did something that I’ve never done before.  I invited my son over to her house.  I hated doing it, I’ve never liked inviting myself over to someone’s house.  Somewhere in my upbringing it was ingrained into me that it’s rude to call someone and invite yourself over, you should always wait for an invitation.  I was initially going to invite her son to spend the night at our house, but part of what was upsetting Cameron so much was that Brendan got to go somewhere and he didn’t.  I explained our situation to her, and she graciously agreed to help us out.

So now we had two boys going to sleepovers, and only a few hours to get them ready.  So much for our slow and sleepy Saturday morning, we were about to go into overdrive just to get everything done in time to leave for the boys sleepovers.  That meant showers and lunch for everyone, it also meant a lot of searching and scrounging as the boys had specific clothes they wanted to wear to their sleepovers, specific pajamas they wanted to take along, we had to dig out their sleeping bags, each had to pick out a stuffed animal of their choice to take along, and we had to find bags to pack this all into.

But after a few hours of working on it, the kids were ready to go.  Brendan was due at his friends house at 4:00, Matt’s sister agreed to take Cameron after we’d dropped Brendan off so that we only had to go out once, and there was another hockey game that night so Matt was going to drop me off at my parents house after we’d dropped the two boys off, then he and Kaylee were going to go home and enjoy a peaceful evening alone.

Despite a million things to do, and only a few hours to get them accomplished in, we got everything done and got on the road right on schedule.  First stop, Brendan’s sleepover.  His friend’s mom met me at the door and we discussed the usual mom to mom things, and made arrangements for picking him up the next morning.  Cameron’s sleepover was next, and I had a very similar conversation with Matt’s sister before getting back into the car and heading for my parent’s house.

All was well until around 9:00 when, in the middle of the hockey game, my phone rang again.  It was Matt’s sister.  Cameron was apparently bawling his eyes out and wanted desperately to go home.  Sigh…  I told her I’d get a hold of Matt, and we’d call her right back.

I called Matt and we agreed that Cameron should probably come home.  The question now was how.  I didn’t have my car so was unable to leave the game easily, and Kaylee was already in bed and asleep so if Matt went he’d have to get her out of bed.  But after calling and talking to his sister, she agreed to bring Cameron to Matt so he wouldn’t have to wake Kaylee up.  Once home, Cameron was still out of sorts so it took him a while to calm down and actually go to sleep.

Brendan got through his sleepover just fine, and came home happy as a clam the next morning.  He’s always been really good about sleepovers.  He started having them with his cousins when he was 2 years old.  Cameron, however, isn’t nearly as good about sleepovers.  So far we’ve only tried them with his cousins, and this isn’t the first time he’s come home before morning.  I think it will be a while before we have him sleep over at someone else’s house.  We’ll practice sleepovers at our house first, and then when he’s a little older try them again at s


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