Canela Tostada Crujiente

Cameron’s brain works in mysterious ways.  The random thoughts that spew forth can be both entertaining and headache inducing.  Yesterday we were getting ready to sit down for lunch and had the following conversation:

Me:  “Do you want your pizza lunchable cold or warmed up?”

Cameron:  Warmed up.  If you warm it up that will make it cooked, and cooked makes it hot.”  Sees the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the table from breakfast.  “Why is it called Cinnamon Toast Crunch?”

Me:  “Because it’s crunchy, and tastes like cinnamon toast.”

Cameron:  “How do you say cinnamon toast crunch in Spanish?”

Me:  (checking google)  “Um…well…apparently its canela tostada crujiente.”

Cameron: “… which one is crunch?”

Me:  “I don’t know.  I would guess crujiente”

Cameron:  “I’ve never seen a short cheeto before.  Do you know what eats cheetos?  Other cheetos.”  Breaks out in maniacal laughter, then continues.  “You know what pears taste like?  Fruit.  Can you believe that?  They actually taste like fruit.  Oh, hold on I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.  Don’t end lunch without me.”

Runs to the bathroom and shuts the door.

“Hey!  I found my Earth ball.  It was right here in the bathroom this whole time.”

Me:  “Cameron!  Focus!  Didn’t you say you needed to go to the bathroom badly?”

Cameron:  “Yeah.  But mom, its my EARTH ball.”

Me:  “FOCUS!!!”

Toilet flushes, sink runs, and Cameron re-appears at the table.

Cameron:  “You didn’t finish lunch without me right?”

Me:  “No, now eat your lunch.”

Cameron:  “Look Kaylee’s almost done.  She’s a good eater.  She just loves her food doesn’t she.  Why does she eat so much anyway?”

Me:  “Sigh…could you just focus on your lunch please?”

It’s hard to get mad at him for asking so many questions, but one really has to wonder how his brain gets from point A to point Q, back to points J and E, before skipping ahead to point @#%$.  It’s almost like his attention span is so short that not only can he only focus on one particular topic for a handful of seconds, but his brain is working on overdrive and skipping the next few logical points in conversation and moving straight to random topic number two.

He’s very very different from Brendan in this aspect as Brendan will take one particular point in a conversation and obsess like crazy over the simplest of details.  I’m not actually sure which of these drives me more crazy.  It will be interesting to see, with Kaylee growing up learning from the both of them, which of these styles the princess latches on to…or if she’ll come up with a different tactic all together.


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