After Brendan’s party, the family took a trip over to Target because we needed to return one of the prizes we’d bought for the party.  As we walked over to the customer service desk carrying an Iron Man mask in a Target sack, with the receipt stuck inside the bag, Cameron says in his normal loud Cameron voice, “Mommy, why are we stealing this mask?”

Of course, the lady behind the service desk heard what my son said and gave me a very funny look.  Turning red, I explained to Cameron that we were returning the mask that we’d already bought and that we weren’t stealing it.  Now I found the whole situation humorous and I knew Matt would too when I explained it to him, but the Target employee seemed to have no sense of humor about it at all.  She didn’t crack a smile or make any other acknowledgment.  She just processed my return and refunded my money to my credit card.

Still chuckling to myself, I collected Cameron and headed down the aisle to where Matt and the other two kids were shopping while they waited for me to return our item.  I quickly recounted the story to Matt who found the story just as humorous as I anticipated he would.  The kids were oblivious to our mirth, being more excited about being able to pick out toys for themselves (Brendan had some birthday money to spend, and Cameron was getting to buy a toy equal to the value of the mask we’d just returned) than they were about what we were laughing about.  But the best part was yet to come.

As we got closer to the back of the store, Cameron began to anticipate his shopping spree more fully and rushed ahead of us.  Matt, pushing Kaylee in the cart, moved to catch up with him while I was back trying to convince Brendan to move on from the video game aisle.  At one point I looked up to see where Matt and the kids had gone and came face to face with the Target security guard.  He startled me as he pointed to his name tag and told me that we’d been making him really look around.  At first I thought the lady who’d helped me at the service desk had called for backup assuming we were about to rob the joint.  Then I looked closer at his name tag.  It said Cam.  Then everything finally clicked into place.

We’d caught his attention because we’d been walking through the store calling for “Cam” every few feet as our Cameron got too far away from us or tried to pull whatever display off the shelf that he was near.  I don’t truly believe there was any concern that we were there to steal items, though I do find it humorous that the same day my middle child announces to the entire store that we are “stealing” an Iron Man mask is the same day that I see the store security guard for the very first time.

Needless to say, we made it through the rest of our shopping trip without any more insinuations that we were going to steal any merchandise.


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