Loving Boy

I know that a lot of these blogs are spent complaining about whatever annoying thing my kids have done that day or that week.  I also know that poor Cameron is probably the subject of my frustration more often than the other two combined.  But there are days that he’ll do something that will absolutely melt our hearts and make all the frustrations in the world melt away.

Monday was one of those days.

The kids all know that I’m leaving to go on my trip on Thursday as we’ve been preparing them for it all weekend.  I’m still very excited to go, but I’m worried about leaving my family behind.  I know Matt can handle everything perfectly while I’m gone, but I’m just so used to being the person in control and it’s difficult to let go and let someone else take over your domain for a few days.

So Monday, while I was bathing Cameron before school, I asked him for the umpteenth time if he would promise to be good for daddy while I was gone.  He sighed and told me he would.  I knew I must be frustrating him with the constant reminders to be good, so I told him I was just worried about leaving everyone behind.  He looked me in the eyes and said, “Don’t worry mommy, I will take good care of daddy.”

I’m pretty sure I melted into a puddle right there on the bathroom floor.  It was the Snuggle Puppy situation all over again.  When he’s doing all that he can to drive you up the wall it’s so hard to remind yourself what a big heart Cameron has, but in moments like this he’ll remind you and make you swell with pride.  Cameron has a bond with his daddy unlike any I’ve ever seen.  The hours that Matt is away at work are absolutely torturous to Cameron.  He will ask at least 4 times a day how soon daddy will be home, and once you answer him he will collapse into a heap on the floor with a big sigh and wail that it’s “just too long.”  I think that if Cameron had his way daddy would be the stay-at-home parent instead of mommy.

As soon as Matt walks into the door after work Cameron attaches himself to Matt’s leg.  A common sight in the evenings is for Matt to be settled into his recliner in the living room with Cameron perched precariously on the arm of the chair looking over Matt’s shoulder and becoming engrossed in whatever activity his daddy might be doing.  It is near impossible to get Cameron to sit anywhere else.  Looking at it, I can not believe that perching himself like he does could be comfortable in any sort of way, but Cameron wouldn’t have it any other way.  He rarely even sits on Matt’s lap properly, he always perches on the side like that constantly.

He also begs Matt to come downstairs and play with him pretty much every hour of the day.  None of my kids seem to like playing together, but love to have their daddy play with them (which he obliges whenever possible).  Again though it’s Cameron who asks most frequently and who can be heard wailing in despair whenever Matt’s time to play has run out.  If daddy isn’t downstairs playing with him, Cameron pretty much will not play on his own.  I don’t know if he’s afraid to go down to the basement by himself or if he just hasn’t developed his imagination enough to play alone.

Whatever the reason, Cameron loves his dad more than anyone else and if he says he will take care of daddy while I am gone then I believe every word of it.


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