Stage Fright

Lately, it seems like one of Kaylee’s favorite things to do is sing nursery rhymes.  But she’s very perticular about when, how, and who she’ll sing them with.  Most often she wants to sing them at bedtime when I’m changing her into her pajamas.  She’ll only sing ones that have hand motions to them (thankfully having been a pre-school teacher years ago I know the hand motions to quite a few), and as you might have guessed she’ll only sing them with me.

It’s so funny, she is more outgoing at this age than the boys ever were.  It’s like she has learned courage and confidence from watching them.  But when it comes to singing, if she notices anyone but mommy watching her, she suddenly gets a serious case of stage fright.  Sometimes she’ll allow Cameron in to watch, but only if he’s singing right along with us.  She gets downright mad when Brendan tries to come in and watch or participate.  But she’s funniest with her daddy.  If she catches him watching her she blushes and stops instantly.  As long as she knows he’s anywhere near she won’t start up again either.

I find it very interesting how much my kids are different from one another.  Sure they’ve got some similarities, but for the most part they are each unique.  Brendan was always a very quiet baby and toddler.  I’ve said before all that time he spent not talking as a baby is catching up with us now as he never seems to stop talking these days.  As a baby he didn’t much like to be held, preferring the comfort of a swing to that of an adult.  Thankfully some of the therapy he did when he was a toddler got him over that and now it seems he is again trying to catch up for lost time by being the most loving and hugging boy I’ve ever met.  He’s never been terribly shy, but definately prefers to be alone versus being in a big group of people.

Cameron, conversely, can not stand to be alone.  Ever.  He won’t play alone, he won’t get dressed alone, and he hates to sleep alone.  You’d think that sharing a room with Brendan would be a great thing for taking care of that last one, but it’s not.  Brendan has a later bedtime than Cameron does, so Cameron has to lay in there alone for 30-45 minutes before Brendan comes to bed.  He’s allowed to have stuffed animals and books in bed with him to entertain him until he’s ready to go to sleep.  But he hates to be alone so much that he will find 100 different excuses to get out of bed and be with other people.

The first excuse is always the bathroom.  Even though we send him to the bathroom directly before having him climb into bed he inevitably will get up about 10 minutes after we put him to bed and holler out that he needs to go potty.  He does this because we’ve made very clear that as long as he’s going to the bathroom he won’t get in trouble for being out of bed.  But he also knows he’ll only get away with that once.  So the second time he crawls out of bed it will be to come give daddy hugs and kisses.  It doesn’t matter that daddy gave him hugs and kisses when we tucked him into bed for the night.  The third time he gets out of bed it’s to search for a specific stuffed animal.  I’m pretty sure that he spends the time inbetween getting out of bed checking his stock so he can be sure he’s requesting an animal that’s not in the bed with him.  Besides he generally knows exactly where the animal he requests is even if it’s one the kids haven’t played with in months…almost as if he pre-planted it there just for this situation.

He’s definately not a shy child.  Far from it.  A lot of people think he is shy because when he gets into one of his stubborn moods he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone, which can look similar to a child who is shy.  We know better.  When Cameron doesn’t want to do something he’s not going to do it no matter how much you poke and prod him.  I’ve said it in dozens of posts.  When he’s being stubborn he can be the most infuriating child on the planet.  But when he’s being loving he’s got a bigger heart than anyone else I’ve ever met and that includes Brendan (who’s a pretty loving kid).

And then there’s Kaylee.  Like I said she’s not a shy kid either.  But she definately has her own way of doing things.  She has no problem walking up to any adult and demanding they give her their attention.  If we aren’t listening to something she’s saying she’s been known to crawl right up into Matt or I’s lap and put her hands onto our face and turn it so we’re looking right at her to ensure she has our attention.

In fact, the best way to describe her personality is like that of a teenager.  She is extremely articulate for a two year old, and uses words that I wouldn’t think a two year old should know yet.  And she uses them correctly which is even more impressive.  Hand her an i-pod and she’s a pro at working it.  She’ll take it over to the nearest chair and fling herself down into the chair.  Before you know it she’s sitting with one leg dangling over the side just i-podding away.  And speaking of technology she loves to talk on the phone.  Matt blames me for that one because I’m on the phone so often.  We laugh because her very first word was “Hi!” but she never just said it.  She’d put her hand up to her ear like she was holding a telephone and would say, “Hi!”  It was so hilarious that we couldn’t help but chuckle every single time she did it.  It got to the point where if she was about to get in trouble for something she’d just say “Hi!” over and over again trying to make us laugh and forget about lecturing her.

The boys have changed so much from when they were her age, so I’m certain her personality will change as well.  But in the meantime I’ll just enjoy my private concerts with my baby girl.


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