Shattered Plans

I am an eternal planner.  I like to plan, and replan, then make lists of my plan.  Lists of what I plan to do, lists of what order I will do those plans in, sub lists breaking down each activity, that sort of thing.  This weekend did not go according to plan.  It seemed as though no matter how much planning I did, things went awry.

Plan 1 – Let the Kids Sleep In:  I alreayd hit on much of this in my previous blog post Rise and Shine.  But beyond wanting the boys to sleep in because they would be tired from Friday night, I was hoping to sleep in a bit myself knowing I had quite a few things planned for Saturday. Being woken up at 6:15 in the morning when I hadn’t drifted off until after 1 was definately not a part of that plan.

Plan 2-Take a Nap:  After getting up so early on Saturday morning I intended to make it through the couple hours until Brendan’s friend left then collapse into my bed and take a nice long nap.  Unfortunately, despite being an eternal planner, something slipped through my mental radar for a few moments.  I had previously made plans to meet up with some of my former co-workers for lunch on Saturday.  I was looking forward to it, and wasn’t about to let a little sleep deprivation keep me from going, so there went my nap.

Plan 3-Feel Nostalgic for Work: As I said, I was meeting people who I’d worked with at the end of my career.  I knew that inevitably the subject of work would come up since all but me still actively work there.  I was looking forward to that piece of it, as there are many days that I miss the hustle and bustle of an 8-5 job.  I figured I’d begin to yearn to go back to work, at least on some level.  I miss working with wonderful people, feeling accomplished and proud of the job I’d put in, being recognized for my successes, and earning a steady paycheck.  But as they sat there talking about things, more and more gripes about the little things that annoyed them about work kept creeping into the conversation.  And while I didn’t mind the venting, it gave me a strong reminder of why I’m glad not to be working there (or anywhere else) any longer.  I do miss the things I listed above, but the cost to actually get those things comes at the other things my friends mentioned.  Right now, being with my kids is so much more rewarding and the cost is just too high to give up.  I left there feeling buoyed by companionship, but definately not nostalgic.

Plan 4-Take Brendan to the Hockey Game:   The way the hockey season has panned out we’ve had very few weekends where we’ve had a home game both Friday and Saturday night.  Brendan had asked to go to both of the games, and my tentative promise on Friday was that as long as he wasn’t overly grumpy on Saturday that I would allow him to go to both games.  He was very excited about this as we’ve never allowed him to go to games on consecutive nights.  Sadly, the early wake up call ruined those plans as he had an extremely bad day on Saturday and was forced to stay home.

Plan 5-Enjoy an Evening of Hockey: With Brendan having the day he’d had combined with little sleep and no nap, I offered to stay home from the game on Saturday night.  Matt told me to go ahead and go, no sense in wasting the ticket.  He assured me he’d just put the kids to bed early and things would be fine.  So I did go, and it turns out I should have just stayed home because we wasted our tickets anyway.  About mid way through the second period my parents were summoned by the hockey team’s staff.  It turned out that during the first period one of the players they house tried to block a slap shot, the puck hit him in the hand, and now we needed to take him to the emergency room for x-rays.  Since I rode with my parents I had no choice but to tag along for this trip.  A few hours later the verdict was in, the puck had shattered his first finger.  The player was visibly upset by the news, it was much worse than he’d thought and would mean that he’d be out of the line up for a few weeks at least.

Plan 6-Catch Up on My Sleep: Well the trip to the ER Saturday night did a number on this one, plus I needed to set my alarm early for Sunday morning as we had more things on the agenda.  The only up side was that my “little brother” had a home game that I was able to keep tabs on.  Most nights it’s difficult for me to stay awake through his entire game as he is several time zone’s behind me, so at least one good thing came out of all these ruined plans.

Plan 7-Write a Blog Post:  I set myself a personal goal to get a blog written every single day this year.  It’s not like I don’t have ample material to choose from.  I’ve managed it through plenty of busy weekends before, and even through travelling out of town.  But yesterday it just wasn’t in the cards.  I was very tired, working on my second day of around 5 hours of sleep, so the housecleaning I had planned for my morning took about three times as long as it should have, even with help from my hubby.  Plus Brendan was working on his second day of being extrordinarily crabby.  We spent a good chunk of the morning dealing with his temper tantrums which slowed the cleaning process down more.  By the time our friends arrived after lunch I hadn’t had a single moment to sit down and write a blog.

Plan 8-Get Back on Track:  I went to bed early (well earlier at least) on Sunday night.  I got a full night’s sleep and had many plans for Monday morning including a trip to the grocery store.  Everything was going according to plan.  I even had the kids about 10 minutes ahead of schedule on their morning routine (exactly as I had planned) so that we could leave for school early due to some dense fog in the area.  Then about halfway though breakfast my plans went awry yet again as Brendan threw all of his oatmeal up onto the floor.  De Ja Vu, I’m home with a kid sick with the barfing flu…again.  I’m starting to think that leaving my job was destiny.  I would have probably been fired by now for the number of times that I would have had to miss work to take care of my sick kids.  Matt’s new job means the burden of missing work would have fallen largely on me as his training classes last 3-4 weeks and he’s unable to miss time during those periods because he is the sole trainer.  This year has been bad for the barfing flu in our house as we’ve had one or more people down with it on 5 seperate occaisions since August.  That’s 5 too many in my opinion.

Well I suppose there’s always tomorrow.


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