Kindergarten Roundup

I’m expecting the paperwork to enroll Cameron into Kindergarten to arrive any day now.  The school contacted me a few weeks ago and said the paperwork would be mailed to me at the beginning of February.  However, we got a letter in the mail the other day that was quite interesting.  According to the information, our elementary school is over capacity, and they’re trying to convince parents to switch their kids to another elementary school that’s close by and not nearly as full.

On the surface, switching elementary schools wouldn’t be that big a deal from the location front.  Both schools are about 10 blocks from my house…just in opposite directions from each other.Map

Brendan overheard us talking about this and was concerned that we would make him switch schools.  We had no intention of having him change schools.  For starters he’s going into fourth grade next year.  He’s spent the majority of his elementary years with the same kids, I wouldn’t ask him to change schools this late in the game and try to make friends again.  I did that a lot when I was a kid and it was never fun to try and break into groups with kids who had been friends forever.  The older you get, the harder it is to make new friends.  Beyond that though, Brendan has an excellent special ed team at his current elementary school.  They know him and his needs like the back of their hands.  There’s no way I’d remove him from that atmosphere voluntarily.  (it’s bad enough that I’ll have to break in a new team when he moves up to middle school in a couple of years)

But we figured there was no harm in discussing the pros and cons of moving Cameron to the other school.  He’ll just be going into Kindergarten so he’ll be starting fresh with eveyone else.  So that wasn’t really a factor.  One of the pros would be that if we volunteered to make the move the school would provide transportation for him which would alleviate the issue of trying to get two kids to two different elementary schools.   Another would be that my parents live less than two blocks from the second elementary school.  So if push came to shove and he needed someplace to go he could always walk to their house.  My dad works from home and my mom gets off work at noon so 99.99% someone is home at their house.

There weren’t really any concrete cons, but truthfully we’ve pretty much decided against it.  Why in the world would we ever want to place our kids into two seperate elementary schools?  Especially considering in three years this second elementary school may have the same problem with overcrowding and we’d be forced to move back to our original elementary school when Kaylee goes to enter Kindergarten.  Besides, we now know the teachers from most of the grades and feel Cameron can’t go wrong with the teachers at Brendan’s elementary school.  (To be clear, I know I haven’t ever said anything good about Brendan’s second grade teacher, but she really was a good teacher.  Not good for Brendan, because she always wanted to treat him just like every other student in her class, but for someone like Cameron and Kaylee she’d be a fine teacher)

So with the prospect of registration looming ahead, I can begin looking forward to Kindergarten roundup.  I’m really looking forward to it with Cameron because due to a work conflict I missed Brendan’s roundup.  Matt ended up taking him to that by himself.  It’s something that I’ve regretted for years.  But that was the way things had to be when both of us held full time jobs.  Now we’re just crossing our fingers that Matt won’t be mid training class when they schedule Cameron’s roundup, or he’ll be in the same boat I was in 4 years ago.


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