Making a Splash

The morning routine in my house is very hectic.  It all starts at a quarter to seven when my alarm goes off.  That gives me 15 minutes to fully wake up and convince myself to get up out of the warm cocoon of blankets I’ve wrapped myself in.  Once up I pad across the house and wake up the boys.  This takes a bit of doing as neither boy likes to get up in the morning very much.

What amazes me is that during the week I get the boys out of bed for school right around 7:00 in the morning.  Cameron is more often than not asleep still, complaining about being tired, and overall resisting getting up.  In contrast, he’s usually up before the sun on the weekends.  It’s almost as if he has an internal clock which tells him whether or not mommy wants to actually sleep in.

While I stand there poking and prodding Cameron to get out of bed, Brendan shuffles off to the bathroom and proceeds to take a shower.  Once he’s in the shower I begin to watch the clock in earnest.  The success of my morning routine is based on a strict time table.  If any event takes longer than I’ve allotted we’re sunk.  So Brendan has until 7:15 to get done with his shower.  Unfortunately he inherited his father’s love of a long shower, and I’ve had to teach him this school year how to keep them short.  Occaisionally he’ll forget and slip back into his old habits, at which point a sharp knock on the door and a shouted reminder to hurry up helps him get back on track.

Generally I have the kids clothes laid out in advance.  Brendan has finally started choosing his own clothes this year…or at least his shirts.  He’s still not great shakes at matching items very well (and he doesn’t wear jeans very often because the texture of them bothers him) so I allow him to pick out the shirt he wants to wear and then hand him the matching pair of pants.  While Brendan’s dressing I move on to bathing Cam and Kaylee.

Today the kids clothes were not ready to go.  I fell behind on the laundry over the weekend and was forced to do a mid week load late last night.  That meant that the clothes for the kids were in the dryer this morning, and not pre-laid out.  So while the water was running for the little kids baths, I left Cameron in the bathroom undressing, and went to grab Brendan’s clothes out of the dryer.  The next thing I know I hear Cameron screaching and crying as if someone has upset him.  I can’t hear the exact words over the sounds of the water rushing into the tub, so I hurridly grabbed the last of Brendan’s items, handed them to him on my way by, and headed into the bathroom to see what the problem was.

The issue became apparent even before I sorted through Cameron’s hysterical sobs.  Kaylee was so excited about getting to take a bath that while I was off collecting clothes, she jumped right in.  Still fully clothed in her pajamas.  Cameron was mad because Kaylee was stealing his bath and because she was still wearing her clothes.  I shut off the water and fished my sopping baby out of the tub.  I wrestled her out of her soaking pajamas and put her right back into the tub with Cameron.

That problem solved I got back to my regular routine.  The little kids generally finish up their bath between 7:25 and 7:30.  I point Cameron toward his pile of clothes and quickly dress the princess myself.  Once finished with her I encourage Brendan to pack his bag and decide on lunch while I set up a cartoon to watch during breakfast.

The breakfast cartoon is something I’m sure lots of moms would frown upon.  TV during meals distracts kids from eating, and should therefore be avoided.  At least with my kids I’ve found the opposite to be true during breakfast.  Turning on a cartoon that lasts 23 minutes (standard 30 minute cartoon minus the commercial breaks since we watch on Netflix instead of actual TV) gives my kids a timeframe within which they need to finish their breakfast.  They know that by the time the cartoon ends they need to have their breakfast finished.  It really does work for us.

Once breakfast is finished we grab shoes and coats, and I make a final check of the backpacks to ensure everyone has everything they need for school.  Today my check was not as thorough as it should have been.  Brendan was the only one with school, which meant only one bag to pack.  He wanted hot lunch, so no lunchbox was necessary.  He packed his own fruit snacks for snack time, and I made sure his conferences sheet was signed and placed into his back pack and reminded him firmly how important that was to turn in.  It was Thursday, so no homework was due, so his bag should have been complete.

We loaded into the car a few minutes late because Kaylee decided to throw a fit about getting her shoes on and getting into the car, but on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s the time we leave isn’t quite as important since I don’t have to rush and get Cameron to school.  We finally got on the road and were most of the way to school when I hear an “uh oh” out of the back seat.  Brendan realized what it was we’d forgotten to pack in his bag…his library books.  So we dropped him off at school and then had to return later that morning to drop off his books before library time.

All in all my mornings are always crazy, but today took the cake.


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