Cough, Sneeze, Hack, Wheeze

Bet you can’t guess what the topic of this post will be.  Yes that’s right, we have another plague running rampant through the household.  I’m really starting to think my family just needs to be quarantined until cold and flu season is over.  Though in reality I don’t think that would help much; we seem to be passing the germs back and forth continuously.

This time it’s Matt and Kaylee.  Matt’s got a cold for the 500th time this season, and Kaylee came down with a fever and a hacking cough this morning.  I am absolutely impressed with the ability of my children to get sick with the most impeccable timing.  Cameron managed it back when we were supposed to go to his pre-school orientation, and all of the kids managed it the week of Thanksgiving.

Today of course would be Brendan’s parent/teacher conferences.  To date, neither Matt or I have ever missed a parent/teacher conference.  We’ve always been able to work out our schedules and go together.  But with the baby being sick it didn’t look like that was going to be an option this year.  Matt said he’d stay home and let me go to the conference.  My parents were slated to watch the kids for us during the conference so I called them up to cancel.  Amazingly my mom volunteered to watch the kids anyway so that we could both go to the conference.

So at 6:30 tonight we packed up the little ones and dropped them off and headed up to Brendan’s school.  The main thing I don’t like about the way our school handles parent/teacher conferences is that they’re only 15 minutes long.  I don’t know how much longer I really need to discuss the progress of my child, but 15 minutes just makes me feel rushed.  Tonight though, it really wasn’t too bad.  It really helps that I met with his teacher about my concerns back in November, and then for his IEP just a few weeks ago.

Amazing what difference a year makes.  Last year, when we met with his second grade teacher, Brendan’s progess in school was declining and we had a lot of concerns.  This year his teacher couldn’t have sung his praises any higher.  He’s at least meeting, and in a lot of areas exceeding expectations for where he should be.  She’s got him in the advanced math group, and is now giving him the advanced reading passages for his reading exercises at home.

It makes me very sad to think that we’re 3/4 of the way through this school year already.  I never thought we’d have a second opportunity to have such a wonderful teacher for Brendan, and I’m quite certain that the chances of this teacher moving up to fourth or fifth grade is slim to none.  Brendan is just so happy this year with his two best friends in his class for the third year running, and his all time favorite teacher heading the class again.  I hate to think what he’ll go through next year.  We know for sure that one of his best friends is transferring to a different elementary school closer to his new home next school year, and I’m not naive enough to believe that we’d be lucky enough to have his other best friend in his class for the fourth year running.

But once again his teacher has come through for us.  Knowing how hard it is for Brendan to make new friends, she asked if we would be okay if she put him into a friendship group.  The purpose of the group will be to help teach the kids involved some techniques to assist them in making new friends.  Brendan will be in a group with one of his current best friends, and some other kids he doesn’t know very well.  She’s hoping having someone familiar in the group will help him feel comfortable, and the group will help him work on his socialization skills before next school year.

I couldn’t be happier with the way the conferences went, and I’m looking forward to watching my baby progress through the rest of third grade.


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