Big Daddy

Last night, as I stood in the kitchen making dinner, I overheard the cutest scene possible coming from my living room.  Matt was in his recliner with all three kids on his lap; Brendan and Cameron on each side, and Kaylee snuggled down in the middle of them.  Dinner was getting close to being ready, so I asked Matt to come help me serve it up.  He told the kids to get down off his lap, and the boys complied immediately.  Kaylee did not.

She just stayed snuggled deep into his lap, watching cartoons.  Matt looked lovingly down at her and said, “Kaylee, can you get up please?  I need to go and help Mommy.”  She didn’t turn around, she just tilted her head upward so she could see him over the top of her head, calmly said, “No Big Daddy,” and went right back to watching her cartoon.  Matt and I both cracked up.  He tried a couple more times, and got the exact same reaction each and every time.  It was hilarious.  Finally he just scooped her up and off his lap, to which she protested greatly.

Big Daddy.  What a nickname.  In my younger days, my immature little mind would have gone places that are totally inappropriate with that nickname.  But the way it comes out of our kids mouths make it go from disgustingly inappropriate to completely cute.  Besides we have a whole theme going on.  Matt and I are Big Daddy and Big Mommy, while Cameron and Kaylee are Little Cameron and Little Kaylee.  Brendan doesn’t get into that particular line of name calling, he’s got his own private one with daddy.  They are Big Loaf and Little Loaf.

We have no idea how any of these names started.  Cameron just started calling Matt Big Daddy one day and it stuck.  I have fun with all of the nicknames flying around, but truthfully the one that makes me smile the most often is when Kaylee calls us Big Mommy or Big Daddy.  The look she gets on her face when trying to convey a thought that should be way beyond her tiny two year old mind is priceless.  She’ll snuggle up with me in my recliner some days and out of the blue, she’ll turn and look at me very seriously and say, “I love you Big Mommy.”  How could anyone’s heart resist melting when confronted with a statement like that?

I know some parents out there that probably wouldn’t appreciate their children calling them by names like these, but we enjoy it.  My kids could refer to me as practically anything and I don’t think I would mind.  To me it’s a sign that they have a relaxed and loving relationship with me, and I’ll hold onto that for as long as I can.  I know the teenage years are going to be very turbulent, and that my kids will all probably go through the “I hate you” phase.  (don’t all teenagers?)  But hopefully if I nurture their loving relationship now, they won’t grow into bitter and hating adults after they grow out of their teenage years (also known as the “stupid” ages).

I rather dread those awful teenage years.  My brother and I were both rather awful teenagers, and I’m sure some of those genetics have been passed onto my children.  What is it parents always say to their kids?  “You were so awful that I hope you have one just like you so you can see what you did to me?”  I’m sure my kids will pay me back tenfold for my arrogant and idiotic teenage behavior.

For now, I’ll just settle for keeping them little for as long as I can.


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