The Origins of Pizza

I don’t know what it is about driving over to the eyeglass store that makes Cameron’s brain work on overdrive, but I’m beginning to notice a trend that his most interesting conversations happen enroute to that particular destination.

A few days ago we were headed that direction again because his new lenses had arrived.  Suddenly he asks me why pizza was named after Pete.  If you’re anything like me, you just read that sentence a second time and scratched your head in confusion.  But rest assured I didn’t hear him incorrectly, that is truly what he asked me.

Despite being positive I heard him correctly, I wasn’t clear on what it was he was asking, or why he thought pizza was named after Pete.  I racked my brain for why he would assume pizza was named after Pete.  And the only Pete I knew of that he could associate with would be the one on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  But as far as I could remember Pete had never had a pizza or anything on the show so that couldn’t possibly be it.

Coming to no conclusions on my own, I finally broke down and asked him why he thought pizza was named after Pete.  I swear he gave me a look that clearly said, how dumb are you?  Then in his most grown up voice he proceeded to state, “It’s right in the name mom.  Pete’s Uh.”Of course!!!  Pete’s Uh.  How could I be so naive?  Incidentally, does anyone know what an Uh is, or why Pete would have one?

It took all of my willpower not to burst out laughing at his mistake.  Instead I just explained that he was hearing the pronunciation wrong, and that the word was actually pizza, not Pete’s Uh.  He accepted my explanation, and went into the eyeglass store as if nothing had happened.  I was kind of expecting more of an argument about my answer, or at least a question about why it’s called pizza.  But in this case he was totally accepting of my reasoning, and happy to go inside and have his glasses worked on.

The way kids minds work is truly amazing.  He was totally convinced that pizza was named after Pete, and (although he had questions about it)was completely on board with the concept.  Since the incident I’ve been wracking my brain to remember some of the other words that were either mis-pronounced or mis-understood by my kids but unfortunately I’ve been drawing a blank.

It was recommended to me by many people in my life that I should write these things down, but life has always been hectic in our house and I never made the time.  I figured i would always remember, but as it turns out I was wrong.  Well at least now I will never ever forget about Pete’s Uh, and it’s origination to the current day pizza.


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