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I am the family schedule keeper.  Always have been.  I make sure each and every checkup, follow up appointment, and illness gets scheduled well in advance; keep track of when that appointment is; and make sure that we get to said appointments on time.  And it isn’t because I’m the stay at home parent either.  I’ve always been in charge of scheduling because I’m good at it.

When Brendan was a baby I had to keep track of his many pediatric appointments, which came up every couple of months; his eye doctor appointments, which came up every three months; and his therapy appointments which happened weekly.  And I never missed a single one.

Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older and had more kids, my mind isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be.  But that’s okay, I have backups.  I have a calendar on my phone which I program to remind me of upcoming events.  I have a dry erase calendar on my wall so I can easily write things down, and erase them as things change (because with this many kids, things change often).  I also have a blank dry erase board on my refrigerator for making notes to myself, and it is constantly in use.

In fact there is a note on there right now which says March 26 10:30 AM.  No other notes around it, but even without any additional notes I know that means Cameron has an appointment with his pediatrician on the 26th and 10:30 in the morning to get his physical so he can start Kindergarten in the fall.  Wait, what do you mean I missed it?  @#$@$!!&%#$

Yep, I realized I missed it about 2 hours after we were supposed to be at the appointment.  I was so mad at myself for doing it too.  I worked hard to get that appointment scheduled.  When we got the packet for Kindergarten Roundup, the paperwork said to have the child’s kindergarten physical completed prior to roundup so that you could turn in all of your forms when you brought them.  Do the absolutely have to be done?  No, but I try to be as accomodating as I possibly can when it comes to things like that so they can get their work done timely as well.

Then I reminded myself and Matt at least a dozen times that Cameron had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, the 26th.  I did it each and every time I noticed the note on the refrigerator.  It was supposed to be so I wouldn’t forget about it.  (we see how well that tactic worked)  Finally, the doctor’s office called me on Friday afternoon to remind me of the appointment, and I confirmed that we knew about it and would be there.

Part of why I hate missing appointments so much is having to call the office after you’ve missed the appointment and having to admit that I forgot.  Back in the day when I was still working I had people miss meetings they’d schedule with me, and it really irritated me.  So I can only imagine how irritated the doctor and nurse are when you don’t show up for your appointment.  Besides, admitting I forgot is like admitting I was wrong, and I really don’t like to do that!

But despite that, I called the doctor anyway to see if I could still get in before his Kindergarten Roundup (which is next Friday).  Alas, I cannot.  Everyone is trying to get their kids appointments scheduled for Kindergarten physicals and they are booked solid until April 8th.  It’s not the end of the world.  I’ll only be 3 days late on my paperwork.  That stil leaves the school more than ample time to get it all processed before school starts in August.

And my day started out so well too.  The weather is finally above subzero, and I woke up with the urge to get some spring cleaning done.  Top of my list was my bedroom.  It has the unfortunate status of being the last place I clean when I clean up the house.  No one, besides Matt and I, ever go in there so we always clean up the parts of the house people see, followed by the kids rooms (since goodness knows they can’t keep their doors closed and their rooms flank the main bathroom).

On top off that, when we are in a hurry our room becomes the dumping ground for things that we aren’t sure immediately where to put them or need to be sorted before being put away.  So needless to say, my bedroom is pretty disorganized most of the time.  And right now it was especially bad because I’d cleaned out my closet around Christmas, and hadn’t gotten everything put back into it before Santa’s gifts took over all available space in the closet making it impossible to finish my project.

But Tuesday was my day.  I was determined to get my room cleaned up and fully organized (for however long that will last).  With Cameron and Kaylee’s help it took me a little over 2 hours to get the project done.  I was exhilarated, thrilled beyond belief, and proud of my accomplishment.  I took the kids out to the kitchen to feed them lunch and in recognition of the help they provided (which for being 4 and 2 was actually quite a lot.  They became great little runners, taking things out of my room and putting them into the room they belonged–they didn’t put them away mind you, but at least they put them in the right location) I decided to allow them both to skip their nap today provided they would continue to help me with my spring cleaning.

They both readily agreed.  They’ll do anything to skip their rest time, even if that means cleaning up the house.  So there I was flush with pride on my accomplishments and as I opened the refrigerator to pull out the lunch supplies I saw the note on the board.  And it was like a pin burst my bubble of happiness.

But I couldn’t be down for too long.  Cameron, hearing me mutter bad words under my breath, asked me what was wrong.  I told him we’d missed his checkup, and he had these wise words for me, “It’s okay mommy.  We all make mistakes.  And I love you even when you make them.”

Thanks.  I needed that.


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