Hair Raising Experience

My boys have always had their hair buzzed off.  It started with Brendan, because he has really thick hair and cowlicks that make his hair stick up in about nine different directions.  Because he had so many issues with sensory input when he was a toddler he would absolutely scream if I used a wet comb to lay his hair down.  So the only viable solution I could see, aside from sending him out in public looking like a ragamuffin, was to cut his hair short enough to not stand up.

When Cameron came along, it seemed easiest to just continue on with the head shaving.  Although we can and do allow his hair to get a bit longer than Brendan’s.  Cameron has a very unusual texture to his hair.  It’s very wiry, or bristly feeling and becomes like a helmet on his head when we let it get longer.  But at least it doesn’t stick up.

Then last summer, right after I quit working, Brendan asked me for a new hair cut.  He wanted a mohawk.  I had no idea where he got the idea, or what would prompt him to want that particular haircut.  It’s not like any of his friends had it done, and far as I could remember I hadn’t seen anyone in his class or grade with the haircut, but he insisted it was what he wanted.

I’m pretty easy going about haircuts.  It’s just hair, if we hate what we do to it it will grow back.  So I figured the summer was the perfect time to try out this new haircut because if he didn’t like it, none of his friends would ever see it and we’d have time to grow it out before school started.  But he didn’t hate it, he loved it, and I have to admit I liked it a whole lot too.  We even got some gel to put into his hair to make it spiky.

After a few weeks, Cameron asked for a mohawk too.  Sigh.  Remember that unusual texture I told you about?  Well, it’s not very condusive to this hairstyle.  But, despite the difficulties, I cut his hair the same way and for a while he loved it too.  But by early October I noticed that Cameron was refusing to let me use the gel to spike up his hair more and more often.  It finally got to the point where it’d been two weeks since he’d spiked his hair up so I asked him if he was tired of his mohawk.  He said he was, so we shaved off all his hair and started letting it grow back in all the same length.

Brendan was still enamored with his.  He spiked up his hair just about every day.  The exception was always on Thursday.  They have computer lab on Thursday afternoons and he didn’t want the computer headphones to smush down his mohawk.  But as the weather started getting colder Brendan asked to get rid of his mohawk as well.  I was actually a little disappointed.  I’d gotten so used to seeing the boys like this that it seemed weird that they’d both be going back to their old haircut.

But Brendan explained he only wanted to get rid of it for a little while.  He knew that during the winter he’d have to wear a hat or hood over his hair anytime he went outside and since he doesn’t like to have his mohawk ruined like that he’d just get rid of it until spring.  And he set a date that we could cut it back into his hair, March 21.

Well on March 21 it was still cold and snowy outside so we didn’t quite make his original deadline, but last weekend he said we were close enough to the end of winter to go ahead and do his mohawk again.  He just wouldn’t spike it up unless he could be sure that it would be warm enough to go without a hat.  That sounded like reasonable logic to me, so I cut his mohawk back into his hair.

Cameron, not wanting to be left out, asked to get his mohawk back as well.  Luckily it had been longer than usual between their haircuts so their hair was long enough for the mohawk part.  The first day with their new haircuts, both boys spiked up their hair (even though it was pretty cold out and they’d end up having to put hats over them).  Brendan came home happy as a little lark because his friends had liked his haircut.  Cameron didn’t say much about his haircut, but he didn’t seem unhappy.

Well, since then Brendan has asked to have his hair spiked once or twice, but following his hat rule has gone to school most days without.  Cameron refuses to let me spike his up.  Finally, on Wednesday while Cameron was taking his bath I asked him about it.  He vehemently said he didn’t want his hair spiky any more.  I was quite taken aback by the forcefulness with which he made his statement.  So, I tried to prod him for more information.

He finally said he didn’t like to have his hair spiky because his friends wouldn’t stop touching it, and he didn’t like it when they touched it.  Stifling a laugh, I asked if he’d told them to stop touching it.  With a great big sigh, he looked up at me and said, (as if speaking to an idiot) “YES.  But they’re just too fast.”  Still trying to keep my laughter hidden from him I told him he didn’t have to spike up his hair at school anymore.

It will be interesting to see if Cameron’s interest in his mohawk increases when school lets out for the summer.


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