The Bunny Delivers

On the night before a holiday I never sleep very well.  There’s some part of my brain that lies awake all night listening for the sounds of my children creeping out of bed to see what surprises are in store for them.  Easter was no exception.  The kids had gone to bed later than usual so we didn’t expect them to be up at the crack of dawn, and we were right.  A little after 7 in my sleepy haze I heard the creak of the boys door opening followed by the light running footsteps of my middle child.

There was a brief pause as he stopped to examine his Easter basket, then he came to our bedroom door.  By then I’d rolled over and poked Matt awake as well, so we were both lying there semi-conscious by the time Cameron got to our room.  It was a good thing too, because he was very excited and as he came to the doorway he just started talking without ever bothering to look and see if we were up yet.  And the first thing he half shouted was. “Daddy!”

Wait…daddy?  DADDY?????  Every other day of the year it’s mommy.  When he gets up before the sun, it’s mommy.  When he gets up in the middle of the night, it’s mommy.  When he’s sick, it’s mommy.  No matter what the reason my kids come into my room, and no matter what time of day it is they always call for mom.  Seems to me that Matt has trained them to wake me up instead of him, but it’s more likely they know that daddy sleeps like the dead and is impossible to get up so they wake the light sleeper instead.

But anyway, so after calling for daddy, he proceeds to announce that the Easter bunny has come and that he brought them more Skylanders.  (Shocking, isn’t it?)  Matt and I feigned some drowsy excitement, and then I told Cameron to go to the bathroom and then get his glasses on (because needing to do the same two things every morning has not yet sunk in for my over excitable 4 year old).  So we hear him zoom off in the direction of their bathroom.

Meanwhile Brendan has now gotten out of bed.  Cameron met up with him about halfway between my room and theirs and was instantly distracted by the sight of his brother.  He brought Brendan to the Easter baskets and started into his excited speech again about how the bunny brought them Skylanders.  I hollered from my perch on the bed a reminder of what he was supposed to be doing, and heard him run off.

So Brendan then comes to our door and says, “Daddy!” (seriously?  do I not exist this morning?) and then proceeds to tell Matt all about which Skylanders they got in their baskets.  After feigning yet more excitement about this, I tell Brendan the same thing I told Cameron, go to the bathroom and get your glasses on (because these two things have only sunk in slightly better for the 9 year old than they have for the 4 year old–he at least gets his glasses on without being told 50% of the time).

Brendan tromps off into my bathroom, and Cameron comes racing back to my bedroom door to see if we’ve moved out of bed yet (we hadn’t).  Knowing that I needed to keep Cameron somewhat distracted until we all got up and started the Easter egg hunt, I sent him off to get Kaylee out of bed.  Now normally, the boys love to be the ones to get her out of bed and fight over who gets to do so.  So Kaylee is quite used to them being the ones to first come into her room.  She’s normally awake and playing in her bed when they come so there’s no problem.

Well apparently she wasn’t quite awake yet when Cameron came barging through the door.  And as he proceeded to wake her up by shouting, “Kaylee!!” as loudly as he could she did not start her day off on a very good note.  By then Brendan had finished his tasks and was in the living room anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rest of us (I don’t worry as much about distracting him.  He knows to leave the eggs alone until we are ready to start).  But as Matt and I sluggishly made our way into the bathroom ourselves Brendan finally noticed two things.  1) they got more than just a Skylander giant in their basket, they’d also gotten new Skylanders sheets and comforters for their beds and 2) Tree Rex (one of the giants we already owned) was sitting out on the Portal of Power.

What he failed to notice was that Tree Rex was holding an egg.  That was one of Matt’s more genius plans when we were hiding the eggs.  Prior to Easter morning we owned 4 of the 8 giants for the game.  He got all 4 out of the case and hid them in plain sight around the living room each holding an egg.  Tree Rex was the only one they noticed immediately and they missed the bright pink egg as it camoflaged so well with his brown bark.

With Kaylee changed into a fresh diaper, she was finally ready to come out and see what the bunny had brought her.  The bunny had brought a chocolate rabbit, and some peeps.  There’s a no candy before breakfast rule in our house so I tried to set those aside so she could see what else was in her basket but Miss Grumpy Pants could not be disuaded away from the candy and demanded that I open it.  Immediately.

Thankfully her powers of persuasion do not work on me nearly as well as they work on her daddy and I was able to hold firm to my no candy rule and put the candy out of sight.  Even without it there she wouldn’t pay attention to what she’d gotten so I gave up and started the Easter egg hunt.  Brendan initially complained because a lot of the eggs were right out in the open but we explained that the bunny had to hide some for Kaylee to find as well, and that we were sure there were some more cleverly hidden.

We’d hid 21 eggs and decided this year to have them stand at the edge of the kitchen and take turns searching for eggs.  We’ve always made sure each of the kids gets the same number of eggs, but when they all search at once Brendan will usually point out every single egg there is which ruins the hunt somewhat for the littler ones.  I thought this might help alleviate that issue, and it really did.

All three went for the easy to spot eggs first, and the boys were excited once they realized all their giants were holding eggs.  They found three of the four almost immediately, and then got stuck trying to find the last one.  Thumpback was sitting on the second shelf of a cabinet that sits between our recliners and couch.  He was right at the front and holding a neon green egg against his blue whale skin.  The camoflage was better than poor Tree Rex, but still there’s only so much you can do to disguise neon.

Through two rounds of egg collecting the boys were completely consumed by finding this giant.  In every case we finally had to tell them to find a different egg or we’d probably still be conducting that egg hunt.  Finally on Brendan’s third turn after realizing the giants had eggs, we helped guide him to it (Cameron had found 2 giants and Brendan only 1 so we felt it fair to help him find it).  After asking him repeatedly if he’d checked every piece of furniture, he finally went piece by piece and when he got to the cabinet he spotted it right at his eye level.

After the egg hunt was over I left Matt to open all their new things while I started on breakfast.  Kaylee, who was much happier after running around and finding eggs, finally went back to her basket to examine the things she’d received.  We were a little worried that she wouldn’t be very excited.  We’d gotten her an Easter dress, which is pretty standard for me, and given her Superiority Complex I knew she’d be happy with it in the long run.

We’d also gotten her a new radio.  The one in her room was old and difficult to make work.  We had nickels wedged underneath the CD tray to lift it enough to allow it to play, and even with those in there it occasionally took a good hard smack on the side to get the thing to play.  Kaylee can not sleep without her music and the night before it had taken an act of congress to get the thing to finally play, and I’m pretty sure that was it’s last hurrah and we weren’t going to get it working again.

So, no it wasn’t a terribly exciting gift but it was necessary for the continued tranquility of our home.  Amazingly though, once Kaylee actually discovered the radio she was overjoyed by it and immediately demanded that daddy, “flug it in.”  It took us a minute or two to understand what she wanted because it almost sounded like she said froggy or something like that.  But finally it clicked, she wanted him to Plug it in.  So he got the cord out of the box and used the jaws of life to retrieve her CD out of the old radio.

She spent the next hour happily starting and stopping her music with ease and skipping to whatever song she wanted to hear.  We let her have her fun on Easter morning knowing full well that once we moved the radio to her room it would be put on top of her dresser like the old one to keep it in as good a shape as possible for as long as we could.

And so it seemed that even with providing more practical gifts than toys, the kids were quite thrilled with what the bunny had provided.  Way to go bunny, way to go.


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