Head Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

The other day Matt was on the floor playing around with Kaylee and gave her a big kiss.  She instantly put her hand up to where he’d kissed her and started rubbing like crazy.  He laughed and asked if she was wiping off his kisses, and she said, “no daddy, I wubbing them in.”

That one sentence sent my mind back about 7 years to when Brendan was that size.  At that age, Brendan loved to give kisses.  He might not have been a real big snuggler, but he’d give you kisses until you couldn’t take it any longer.  Unfortunately, as is common with kids of that age, his kisses were quite sloppy.  Now I obviously have my little quirks about saliva, but his kisses were so wet that I can remember multiple family members using their sleeve to dry off his mouth before leaning in to give him a kiss.  (so in this case it wasn’t JUST me.)

Seeing as he was my own child I couldn’t exactly refuse to kiss him based on my spit issues, but I will admit it was a very difficult thing for me to do and I frequently had to wipe my face as soon as he’d finished kissing me.  Well eventually he caught on to this and was very sad that I was wiping off the kiss he’d just given me.  Thankfully kids are pretty gullible at 2 and I was able to convince him that I wasn’t wiping off his kisses, but instead was rubbing them in.

He bought it lock, stock, and barrell.  And for years afterward he made a big deal out of having his kisses rubbed in.  At age 9 he gives much drier kisses and quit obsessing about them being rubbed in.  I don’t recall Cameron being overly slobbery with his kisses at this age, but then again he wasn’t much of a kisser at all.  Kaylee’s kisses are the least sloppy I’ve ever seen on a 2 year old, but heaven forbid the princess do anything that isn’t ladylike such as slobber.  I doubt I would have ever remembered Brendan’s kiss quirk had it not been for Kaylee saying she was rubbing in Matt’s kisses.

Right now we’re going through a hugging stage.  A few months ago I was not feeling well, I believe I had one of the many many bouts of flu that went through our house this winter.  Despite being sick I still had to get the kids ready for school, and was sitting on the floor in Kaylee’s room trying to get her dressed.  She must have sensed I wasn’t feeling well because as I held out her pants for her to step into she leaned in and wrapped her arms around my head.

I sat there for a moment just enjoying the feeling of her arms around me and her tiny hand patting the back of my head.  It was the most comfortable place to be at that moment.  Now if you sit on the floor (so you’re at her level) and ask for a head hug she will wrap her arms around your head and give you a big hug.

Cameron gives good hugs too, though I can’t remember how exactly they got started.  Cameron has always been a scrawny little kid.  He’s tall, but there appears to be no mass on him whatsoever.  If you were just looking at him you would suspect that he’s a complete weakling.  But that would be the furthest thing from the truth.  Cameron is a climber and all the strength it takes to climb everything in sight has left him quite muscular in the arms and legs.

If you ask Cameron to give you a sqeeze hug you’ll get to feel the full strength of those muscular apendages.  They don’t hurt, but you definately know you’re being hugged.  We must have been asking for them a bit too often because now he’ll only give them once in a while, and there are times when putting him to bed that I’ll ask for a hug and he’ll add, “but no sqeeze hugs, right?”

And speaking of hugs, we got the most wonderful email from Brendan’s teacher this morning.  The past few weeks I’ve been forgetting to email Brendan’s spelling homework to his teacher on Friday morning.  I usually remember sometime over the weekend, and send it off then.  Today Brendan reminded me while we were doing showers and I sent it off right then (before I forgot again).

A couple hours later I got a response.  Usually she just sends me a quick “thanks” to acknowledge she received the email.  But today’s was different.  She wanted to make sure we knew how wonderful Brendan is at school.  She went on to say that on Thursday Brendan had told her he almost beat his record.  Not knowing what he was talking about she asked him to explain.  Apparently he told her that he’d almost beaten his record for how many hugs he could give her in a single school day.

Given the number of problems we’ve had recently with Brendan melting down about things it was so nice to hear how wonderful he is at school.  It makes us feel as if we really are doing things correctly, and the manners we’ve tried to instill in our children really are taking hold even if they don’t show at home.

And given her joke that she’d like to hold Brendan back in third grade just so she can have him in class again I think his teacher will be just as sad as we are when the school year ends and Brendan moves onto a new teacher in fourth grade.


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