From Bad to Worse

My day started at 2:15 this morning.  Somehow it seems that whenever your day starts that early there is little to no chance that you’ll end up having a good day.  And today was no exception.

So Cameron wandered to my bedroom door bawling a few minutes after 2.  For once, I didn’t hear him.  I’ve spent most of the last three days sequestered in the boy’s bedroom trying to get it painted as quickly as possible so they can move back in.  They’re sleeping on their mattresses on Kaylee’s floor during the renovation and none of them have been sleeping as well with that arrangement.

Thankfully Matt woke up and called him over.  He was sobbing so hard that we could not understand him.  After a couple minutes of trying, Matt just lifted him into the bed with us.  As soon as he was settled I started to collect my bedding to move to the couch.  Matt tried to assure me that this time would be different.  This time there would be plenty of room for all three of us to sleep and no one needed to move to the couch.  I’m not sure why, but I believed him.

Cameron said he was cold, so I went to the living room anyway and grabbed an extra blanket off the couch and brought it to him.  As I climbed back into the bed I realized that Cameron had taken the opportunity to spread himself out and take over my sleeping space.  I was not able to get my feet back into the bed because his legs were too far over, and within 5 minutes he had kicked me in the knees 3 times.

I absolutely can not sleep like that (which is why we have the kids do not sleep with us EVER rule in the first place.) so I got back up and moved my bedding to the couch.  Our couch is comfortable so I really don’t mind sleeping out there too much.  The unfortunate part was that Cameron had left Kaylee’s bedroom door open when he got up to find us, which meant that the cats could get into the room.

The cats usually don’t bother the kids at night, but they are also sleeping in beds and the cats don’t like to get into their beds very often.  But sleeping on the floor meant that the cats needed to go in there and check the situation out.  Well a sniffing cat nose and tickly whiskers woke Kaylee and scared the living daylights out of her.  She let out one good screech which sent the cats scampering for cover, and with the threat gone she fell back asleep.

Her yell came about the time that I was halfway drifted off to sleep again.  Just at that point where you know you’re still somewhat awake but so drosy that you just don’t care.  Well that sure jolted me awake.  When she didn’t keep hollering or crying I settled down and tried to drift off again.

Apparently I was not the only one she awoke with her screeching.  Brendan (asleep on the other mattress) woke too and was actually the one who comforted her.  In order to keep the cats from returning for more investigation he got up and snapped the bedroom door shut.  Again, mostly asleep the sound jolted me awake for the third time in approximately 20 minutes.

The rest of the night (morning?) passed uneventfully.  When Matt’s alarm went off at 5:30 I was not ready to get up.  But I had to because I forgot to get his clothes out of the dryer the night before.  So I stumbled off the couch and headed for the laundry room.  Unfortunately in my sleep induced stupor I sort of forgot that our TV (which is mounted to the wall above our fireplace) was turned toward the dining room which meant that one corner of it jutted out into the room approximately 18 inches.  Just enough that as I walked by I knocked my temple into it.

My anguished yell got Matt out of the bed in a hurry.  Definately not the way either of us planned to start off our morning.  I gathered his clothes and laid back down on the couch to try and doze for a little longer before needing to get up myself and get the kids ready for school.  I was hoping that by doing so my day might get a little better;  I figured it at least couldn’t get any worse.  Boy was I ever wrong.

The morning itself wasn’t too bad.  I got Brendan off to school and took the other kids over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things I needed to continue the bedroom renovation.  I got home and began working on the stencils I was making for their walls.  I had 8 stencils total I needed to get drawn onto the plastic and then cut out.  It took me almost 2 hours to get them all drawn and half of them cut out.

I decided that I needed a quick break and stepped away from the table for a few minutes.  I’d picked up my tools and got them out of reach (or so I thought) but left the actual stencils on the kitchen table.  Unfortunately Kaylee had other plans.  She managed to get my scissors and cut all 8 of the stencils into teeny tiny pieces.  A whole mornings work down the tubes.  This is not her first foray with a pair of scissors or destroying something of mine.  She is quite sneaky, and very good at getting things that you think are out of reach of the children.  I’m just waiting for her to get a hold of something that I put on top of the refrigerator.  It’s my only guaranteed safe place left.

Despite the setback and massive frustration I had enough stuff to make another set of stencils.  And with the experience I’d gotten by making them the first time they went much quicker the second time.  Two hours later I had a complete set of stencils and was ready to move into the boys room and start stenciling.

Since I’ve been working in there the kids know better than to come into the bedroom.  They’re allowed to come as far as the doorway.  Cameron and Kaylee were very excited that I was moving onto the next step of the renovation and brought their toys into the hall so they could keep tabs on my progress.

It was slow going at first.  I had to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and get myself organized.  I was about halfway through my first stencil when Cameron peeked his head around the corner and asked me to fix his Mr. Potato head (the butt had fallen off).  I’d set my bottle of purple paint on the floor to correct a mistake and wasn’t thinking about it when he asked me to fix his toy.  I told him to bring it to me so I could fix it.

In doing so he knocked over the forgotten bottle of paint without realizing it.  It took me another minute or so to realize that the paint had spilled all over the carpet.  Once I did I panicked.  I mopped up the puddle of pain the best I could but it was too late.  The carpet was stained and ruined.  Not only that, but Cameron had evidently stepped in the paint on his way out of the room and had it on his sock.  So not only did I have a huge purple stain in the carpet but little purple splotches leading from it to the entryway.

I hollered out for Cameron to take of his sock and kept scrubbing at the paint stain.  I kept at it until it was time to pick up Brendan from school.  I called Matt at work and tearfully told him what had happened.  He chuckled a bit and said accidents happen.  The only good thing about the stain is that the bulk of it should be covered by the boys bed when we get the room back together.

Knowing that I needed a pick me up after the horrible day I’d had, Matt and the kids took me out for the evening to cheer me up.  They took me to dinner, then out shopping for a bit.  Matt had a talk with the kids before we left home and told them how important it was for them to give me a good night.  He asked them to be on their very best behavior and, for the most part, they really were.

There’s nothing that a loving family and a good nights sleep can’t fix.  Here’s to a better tomorrow.  May it be head and shoulders above what I went through today.



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