Remember th…SQUIRRELL!!!

There are a great many things that Matt is better at than I am.  He’s a better driver, he has more patience for playing games with the kids, and he’s really good at planning for our future.  But one area I’ve got him beat at is short term memory.  Though my record is not perfect, as evidenced by Cameron’s Kindergarten physical, overall I am definately better at remembering things.

It’s always been a problem for him to remember things I’ve told him, but lately it’s gotten worse.  Take Sunday for example.  I hadn’t made our weekly grocery run yet, and so we were missing a few key ingrediants to make dinner with.  I wanted to keep working in the boys bedroom so Matt volunteered to run to the store and pick up the things we needed.  I sent him with a list.  He took the list with him.  He used the list and crossed things off as he picked them up.  The list was less than 10 items long.  And yet somehow he came home missing the top thing on the list.

I couldn’t believe it.  The one thing on the list I needed more than anything else (I could have probably made do without the other things) and that’s the one he forgets.  We laughed about it and he ran back to the store to pick up what he’d forgotten.  And it’s not just groceries that slip his mind.

One day last week I asked him to warm up some food for Cameron.  It needed to be microwaved for 45 seconds, turned over and microwaved for another 30.  Matt got it into the microwave and turned on the first time, then got distracted and forgot about finishing it.  A few minutes later I finished the food myself and served it to Cameron.  The look on Matt’s face was priceless.  He could not believe he’d forgotten about it that quickly.

It’s become a running joke between the two of us.  Any time Matt or I realizes he’s forgotten something we’ll say squirrell, referencing a scene from the movie UP!

Like I said it’s been happening a lot lately, which means that the kids hear the word squirrell coming out of one of our mouths at least half a dozen times a day (sometimes all bunched into a single hour).  Brendan finally asked me why I was calling daddy a squirrell.  So we showed him the above clip and explained what the reference meant.  He didn’t quite get it.

But now the kids have all heard it enough that they’ve started calling Matt squirrell as well.  And not just when he forgets something.  Tuesday night as we were driving around town there was a chorus of squirrell’s in my backseat.  I think they get as much entertainment out of saying the word as they do teasing their daddy.  Besides, they get to call their dad a name AND NOT GET INTO TROUBLE FOR IT!!  That’s any kids dream.

Matt is a really good sport about it too.  He knows how bad his memory is, and will be the first one to admit it.  I think he really enjoys the ribbing he gets from the kids.  And while I am enjoying the good natured fun in the squirrell joke myself I’m still holding out hope that somehow his memory improves with age.

If not I may have to invest some money int….SQUIRRELL!


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