All Worth It

As far as Mother’s Days go, yesterday was above and beyond the best one I’ve experienced since becomming a mom. That’s not to say I’ve ever had a really bad Mother’s Day, this just tops the list.  And we didn’t really do anything special, just stayed at home and enjoyed each others company.

The day did start a little earlier than I would have liked.  We’d had a friend out at the house the day before and it was pretty late when he finally left.  So when the kids woke up at 7, I wasn’t quite ready to get up.  Matt got up with the kids and told me to go back to sleep, but by that point I couldn’t fall back asleep despite being tired.  So I got up anyway.

Matt fixed me french toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then he took over my normal chores for the day in order to free me up to spend time with my kiddos.  It was very nice to know that the housework was still being taken care of while I spent some quality time with each kid.  I try to spend time one on one with them whenever I can, but usually its with some sort of guilt knowing that I can’t accomplish everything I would like to and still do fun things with them.

So we broke the kids into three tasks.  One kid would be spending time with me, a second would be taking a play bath (which they love to do, but we don’t often have the time), and a third would get to watch a cartoon of their choice (to keep them out of Matt’s hair while he cleaned, and mine while I payed attention to a different child).

First up was Brendan.  We decided that, even though we do it together every day, we wanted to read together.  On Friday night we finished up the Fablehaven series, and he was very excited to get back into the Harry Potter series.  We’d been in the middle of book 4 when he brought home Fablehaven from the library and he decided since we owned Harry Potter and Fablehaven was a library book that we’d switch over to the one we’d only have temporarily.  Then once we got into the series and bought the books for ourselves he was so into it that he wanted to finish it before going back to Harry Potter.

Cameron was next.  His all time favorite thing to do is to watch me play an iPad game called Plants vs. Zombies.  It’s a hilarious game where zombies are coming to eat your brains and your only defense is to plant different plants in your yard that will attack the zombies and hopefully stop them.  Cameron gets endless hours of entertainment from watching the different plants kill off the zombies.  His favorites are the wall nut and tall nut, which essentially slow the zombies down because they take so long to eat through.

For some odd reason he calls them tomatoes, and I’ve never quite figured that one out.  The only thing I can figure is that he means potatoes.  I mean they’re brown and round.  I can think of a few dozen things that fit that description, but not tomato.  (as a side story, Kaylee loves the wall nut and tall nut too.  However she calls them the mommy potato and the Kaylee potato).  Anyway, so he and I spent some quality time playing the game.  I let him pick the levels and was going to let him play the game, but he’s not very good at it yet and doesn’t like to lose so he was content watching me defeat the level that he selected, and laughing at the zombies.

Kaylee was last, and is currently the hardest one to spend quality time with.  She’s so little that she can’t accurately tell you what it is she wants to do, and she has the attention span of a gnat.  So even if you find an activity that’s going to interest her you’ll be done with it about 35 seconds later.  But I decided to just find time for snuggles whenever I could with her.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but she gives the best hugs.  I could spend all day just hugging on her.

I mentally prepared myself for some sort of outburst or meltdown from the kids (especially Brendan) but they were good as gold.  We didn’t have any major incidents, or really any minor incidents either.  The kids spent much of the afternoon playing in the backyard since its finally been nice enough for them to do so.

My Mother’s Day didn’t end when the kids went to be either.  Matt and I spent the evening cuddled into our recliners and watched movies together until bedtime.  That is something we don’t do very often.  A lot of nights we’ve got other projects or things that we are working on, sometimes together, sometimes not.  Most of the time we’ll have a movie on in the background, but it’s a rare thing that we’re both sitting and actually watching it with nothing else distracting us.

I love my kids and my husband very much, and I know that they love me too.  I don’t really need a day for them to prove that to me, but being able to sit back, relax and just enjoy them was the best Mother’s Day present I could have gotten.


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