Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

CK Bird NestAs I looked out into my backyard yesterday I saw one of the most bizzare things I’d ever seen before.  It looked like the birds had built an enormous nest right in the middle of our playground equipment.  The boys were at school, so it was just Kaylee who followed me into the yard to investigate this phenomenon.

When I got close I saw it definately looked like a nest.  There was even a green egg inside of it.  Wait, green?  What kind of bird lays a green egg?  Then I realized the “egg” was merely the kids golf ball.  Once I figured that out, it wasn’t hard to put the rest of the pieces together.  The kids must have made this “nest” from the patch of dead grass we have over by our fence.

I turned around and asked Kaylee if they’d made this.  Her answer was, “Yesh.  It’s a pwetty birdhouse for the birdies.”  I cracked up.  It’s not too surprising that they did this.  A few days ago I was looking out the window and noticed something sitting on top of the fence rail.  I sent Matt outside to investigate, and he came back in saying it was a bird’s nest.

Fence Nest 2 Fence Nest 1

I’ve never known birds to build their nest on a fence like that.  I suppose it isn’t too surprising, the neighborhood is less than 10 years old and there aren’t that many trees planted yet.  The trees that are planted aren’t very large yet either.  But still, it seems a bizzare place to put your nest.  We decided as long as it didn’t hinder our abillity to go in and out of that gate that we would leave the birds nest be.

We’re really surprised that birds are even willing to build nests in our yard any more.  We haven’t had very good luck with them.  Last year I was trimming up the bush in our front yard and as I came around to one side of it I came face to face with a bird sitting quite angrily on a nest full of eggs.  I was very shocked to see her there as I’d had no idea there was a nest hiding in the middle of my bush.  I wanted to finish up my trimming since it was mostly done and would look stupid to leave the last little part un-trimmed, so I slowly and carefully finished up the job.  She never moved off her eggs, but I was clearly getting a look that said if I made any movements to threaten her I’d have my eyes pecked out. The nest is still there this year, but I haven’t seen the birds come back.  I hope they weren’t scared away by the experience.

Bush Nest

That wasn’t the worst though.  The very first experience we had with a nest in our yard was a pair of barn swallows.  Barn swallows are a big pain in the neck.  They like to build their nests under cover, meaning they’ll usually build it right onto your house underneath the eaves.  Which they did on our house right above my laundry room window on the front porch.  The problem was once they laid eggs in the nest they would dive bomb us anytime we went outside.  And that included when we were in the car backing out of the driveway.

Added to that they were beginning to deposit droppings all over my front porch underneath their nest.  Much as we didn’t want to do it (especially considering they had unhatched eggs in the nest) we took the nest down.  Matt stuck it in our tree hoping they’d at least care for the eggs before moving on, but they didn’t.  They did, however, rebuild the nest on the house in the exact same spot three different times.  We continued to tear it down in hopes that they’d get the hint and move on.

Eventually they did.  I wish they’d have just moved their nest to elsewhere on the property.  Had they built their nest on our shed, we might have been able to live with them.  From my understanding barn swallows are really good at eating the insects in your yard, which would have been a nice benefit.

Once Cameron came home from school yesterday I asked him about the birds nest on the playground as well.  He said they had built it to give the birds a nice place to come and land.  They added the “egg” to make it more inviting.  I’ve got to give my kids credit.  Though I doubt any of the birds would come and stay in their nest, the thought was still there and proves once again what big hearts they have.


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