From Princess to Minja

Kaylee is no longer a princess.  Oh she’s still cute and adorable, and will always be a princess on some level, but these days she insists that she isn’t a princess…she’s a minja.  That’s right, a minja.  For those that don’t speak toddler on a regular basis, that would be a ninja.

We’re not sure exactly how this whole thing started.  There are any number of things that could have influenced it.  She loves to watch the boys play Skylanders and loves the character Ninjini (who of course, she calls Minjini).  So it could be that she’s trying to emulate her favorite Skylander.  It’s not like that would be unprecedented.  Cameron currently insists on being called Stealth Elf, and Brendan Flameslinger.

But it could also be because she and Cameron watched the Samuri Pie episode of Backyardigans the other day.  I think this is the most likely the culprit as on Saturday she was calling herself Minja Uniqua and calling the rest of us by some of the other characters names (though for some reason I wasn’t Tasha despite being the only other girl in the house)

She takes her roll as minja very very seriously.  The other day I was finishing up a blog right before we went to pick up Cameron from pre-school.  I knew Kaylee needed a fresh diaper before we left so I said, “Princess, go grab a diaper out of your drawer.”  She gave me a very dirty look and said, “I not pwincess, I minja.”  Laughing I said, “Okay then minja go get me a diaper.”  She proceeded to turn, jump, and say, “Hi-ya!!” before running off to get me the requested diaper.  Unfortunately we can’t get her to do the whole “Hi-ya!” thing on demand.  If you ask her to do it she just turns red and gets all shy.  She’ll tell you she can say “Hi-ya” but she won’t actually do it.

Some days her minja skills are really awesome.  The other day we had soup and sandwiches for dinner.  We had a box of Velveeta on the table since that is a favorite cheese in my household.  Everyone had finished their dinner except for Kaylee (who eats slower than any other person on this planet–she can munch on a single meal for well over an hour).  The boys had both gone off to play, and Matt and I had left the table as well to get a couple of things done before it was time to get the kids ready for bed.

Upon exiting my bedroom at one point I saw Kaylee standing on her chair, and told her to sit back down.  Rather than just saying okay, or just doing it she proceeds to say to me, “But I’s just eating it.”  What?  Eating what?  Her dinner should have been directly in front of her so there should have been no reason for her to be standing to eat it.  I walked over to the kitchen to see what she was “just eating” and saw this:

Cheese Minja

She used her mad minja skills in order to obtain access to the block of cheese left unattended on the table.  It’s not like she had ample opportunity to get at the cheese.  We’d been wandering in and out of the room, and hadn’t been up from the table more than a few minutes anyway.  That definitely took some skill on her part.

But other days her minja skills could really use some work.  On Friday when we were dropping Cameron off at pre-school Kaylee took off running across the gym toward his classroom.  In between her and the classroom was nothing but flat floor.  No toys, or other obstructions which should have impeded her path.  But that didn’t stop her from taking a huge spill right in front of the door to his classroom.  Right at that moment she stopped being a minja and became my baby girl who needed all sorts of comforting.

Minja Kaylee

Then there was last night when we went out to get pizza.  The parking lot had those giant concrete blocks at the front of the parking spots (for those individuals who don’t know how to stop at the front of the parking spot).  Despite them being almost as high as her knees she somehow missed seeing them and fell right over the top of one.  As she got up I swear she gave the thing a look like “where did that come from” right before bursting into tears.

So it would seem that my little minja has inherited my athletic ability.  Which is to say that she has the uncanny knack to trip over her own feet.  On a bright and sunny day.  With nothing else in sight.  Walking sedately along a perfectly flat surface.  Just because she can.


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