Monkey See, Monkey Do

All kids seem to go through a “monkey see, monkey do” phase in their lifetime, and Kaylee is going through hers right now.  It seems that anything the boys do she has to do.  Whether that be imitating different Skylanders, becoming Lion-O from Thundercats, running through the house like a maniac, or whining at Matt and I about not getting what she wants.

She even tries to immitate the way they eat.  The other night I served bananas with the kids dinner.  Usually when I do so I peel them, break them in half, and set them on each kids plate with the rest of their meal.  However, that night dinner was getting on the table later than usual and I was rushing to get everyone eating.  So in the course of getting everything onto the table I just set the three unpeeled bananas in front of the kids, intending to peel them when it came time to actually start eating.

Something came up though, and dinner was going to be delayed another 10 minutes.  Matt and I decided to go ahead and let the kids eat their bananas to help hold them over through the delay.  Brendan is an expert at peeling his own banana.  It took me years to realize this because I just naturally peel them for the kids.  But he’d learned how to do it on his own from getting bananas in his hot lunch at school.  He peeled it part way down, and holding the banana by its peel began to eat.

Cameron wanted his banana like Brendan’s, but couldn’t open it himself.  So I started his banana and left it partially peeled so he could eat it (in his words) like a monkey.  I turned to help Kaylee at that point, but in trying to immitate Brendan she’d taken matters into her own hands.  She took her banana in both hands and tried to break the peel as Brendan had.  She was successful though not quite in the same way.  She broke the banana comepletely in half (with the peel on no less!) and then was able to pull the pieces of banana out of their peel and eat them.

Immitating her older brothers isn’t always as cute as that though.  Cameron has recently started to chew his fingernails.  I’m constantly telling him to get his fingers out of his mouth (with very little success mind you).  In the last few days I’ve noticed Kaylee with her fingers in her mouth as well.  She isn’t actually chewing on her nails (since she hasn’t figured out what Cameron does with his fingers in his mouth) but last night when I told her to get her fingers out of her mouth she said, “but I’s chewing my nails.”

Annoying as that habit is, there are times that immitating her brothers can be downright dangerous for Kaylee.  Like in an incident that happened just a few days ago.  Cameron and Kaylee were laying down on her bedroom floor watching cartoons before they went to bed.  Or at least that’s what they were supposed to be doing.  As neither Matt or I were in the room at the time the following is what we’ve managed to piece together since.  We know most of it is accurate and have been able to fill in the gaps from just knowing how our kids operate.

Evidently at some point Cameron thought it would be a good idea to stand inside the bottom drawer of Kaylee’s dresser.  This in itself didn’t really surprise us.  Both he and Brendan have a bad habit of standing right in front of the dresser to watch their cartoons.  And we’re guessing that Kaylee’s bottom drawer was already open.  That’s where we keep her diapers so she can get to them herself.  She’s usually really bad about remembering to close the drawer after she gets her diaper out.

Well, in true “monkey see monkey do” form Kaylee decided that standing inside her drawer to watch the cartoon looked really really fun.  But she never made it into the drawer.  As soon as she stood up on the lip of the dresser it tipped over.  Our guess is that Cameron’s weight had put the dresser off balance, but not enough to actually tip it.  Once Kaylee added her weight to it, it was enough to send it over the edge.

By the grace of God no one got hurt in this little incident.  Cameron must have a little bit of frog in his blood because somehow he managed to jump clear of the falling dresser.  Kaylee wasn’t quite as quick, and she was pinned underneath the dresser.  By some miracle the way things were situated in her room is what prevented a bigger disaster.  The pile of blankets the kids had been using before climbing into the drawer helped buoy the dresser and keep it from pinning Kaylee under its full weight.

Not only that, but there was a TV, a radio, and a lamp on top of the dresser which also came crashing down when the dresser fell.  By chance, Kaylee’s stuffed Dora doll was in the exact right place that the TV landed on it, which kept the screen from shattering upon impact.  In fact, the TV still works perfectly well after the accident.  The radio was not as lucky in it’s landing but must be made of strong components because it came through the incident in perfect working order as well.

The lamp wasn’t as lucky.  It’s fall to the ground shattered the lightbulb and cracked the lampshade.  That’s the second time this lamp has been knocked over and broken by the kids (the first was during Survival of the Fittest).  I’m really starting to think that the lamp might just be cursed.  But given the scope of disaster that could have resulted from this incident I’ll gladly accept a broken lamp as the only damage done.


3 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Do

    • Ha ha! Thanks Mike. We’ve already thought of that. But seriously, until it happens how many people actually anchor their dressers to the wall? Mine never was, Matt’s never was, and for 9 years we haven’t had any issues with it. Oh well, live and learn.

      • His dresser, his bookshelf, both tvs and both bookcases downstairs are anchored to the wall. And we did all that before he was born. We also changed all our outlets to saftey outlets or blocked them in some way. Still doesnt stop everything he tries but it helps.

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