The Class of 2026

Wednesday was Cameron’s last day of pre-school.  For the last few weeks he’s been like Jekyl and Hyde about the whole thing.  Sometimes he’d be really excited that pre-school was coming to an end and that he’d be going to Kindergarten this fall.  Other times he’d be very upset that pre-school was ending because he was going to miss his friends.

On Wednesday morning Cameron was feeling sad again, knowing that this was the last time he’d see his friends since none of them are in the same school he is.  The weather for the day was slated to be cold and drizzly.  This was unfortunate as there was supposed to be a picnic directly following his graduation program.  Matt and I didn’t really want to go sit in the cold, wet misery and we half heartedly tried to talk Cameron into skipping it.  But he was adamant that he wanted to go and be with his friends.

As Brendan got into the shower I sent Cameron into my room to go to the bathroom.  We had a few dozen extra things to get accomplished during our morning routine, which thankfully I had Matt at home to help me with, and so I needed to make sure that the kids stayed on task and didn’t get distracted or fall behind schedule.  Sending Cameron shouldn’t have put us off schedule, but it did.

Close to 5 minutes had gone by before I realized that Cameron hadn’t returned to get his clothes and start getting dressed.  I jumped to the conclusion that he must have been messing around in the bathroom because generally if the boys are taking forever in there it’s because they’ve become distracted and forget to finish their business and get out.  As I began to lecture Cameron he very sweetly told me that he was sorry he’d taken so long, and that he’d needed to poop.  Oh.  Well.  Wow.  I suddenly felt like the world’s biggest jerk.  But when you’re used to boys messing around instead of getting ready for school your mind usually jumps to that conclusion.

We managed to get through the rest of our morning without incident, and I didn’t think any more of Cameron going poop that morning.  We got to his school a little early (because parking stinks and we didn’t want to have to walk) which gave Cameron and Kaylee a chance to run around and play before the graduation ceremony started.  Finally, the pre-schoolers were called into the classroom while the parents pulled up chairs.  Kaylee was not much interested in sitting still, but giving her my phone so she could look at my pictures seemed to help with that.

They had a little slide show comparing the pre-schoolers as babies to what they looked like now.  Even though I was the one who picked out the picture to send them for the slide show it still floored me to see the then and now shots of Cameron.  He’s changed so much, and yet so little over the years.

Cameron12-19-12 089

After that the pre-schoolers sang a few songs for the parents before getting presented with their diplomas.  Cameron seemed happy as a little lark to be standing up there and singing, at least until about halfway through.  Then he suddenly lost his enthusiasm for the singing and was more interested in pulling his shirt over his head than anything else.

Once the kids had sung 4 or 5 songs we figured it was time for diplomas, and the teachers even got out a stack of paper, but no it was another little activity where the kids got to hold up a drawing of what they wanted to be when they grew up.  There were all sorts of occupations represented, doctors, lawyers, a hairdresser, policeman, etc.  But not my son.  No, my son had the most unusual answer of them all.  He, of course, wanted to be a super hero.

After getting a good chuckle out of that, they finally handed out the diplomas to the kids.  Ah, the ceremony was over.  No wait, they’re taking them back?  What the heck?  Apparently they still had 2 more songs to do in their little program and they didn’t want the kids to accidentally ruin their diplomas while doing the songs so they took them back.  Then why did you hand out the diplomas at all?  Why not just wait until after all the singing was finished?  Too logical for them I guess.

Finally, finally the program was actually over.  They served brownies and lemonade to the families before we all left for the park.  This was when it began to occur to Matt and I that Cameron might be having a little gastro intestinal distress.  He urgently told us he needed to poop again and ran for the bathroom.  Matt and I looked at each other and tried hard to remember if that was his second or third one of the day.  Still, maybe he just hadn’t gotten done the first time.

Once he was finished, we headed for the car to go to his picnic.  About halfway there it started to rain.  We had already not wanted to go when it was cold, cloudy, and drizzly; now that it was raining we really didn’t want to go.  We talked to Cameron again, and this time we offered to take him to his favorite restaurant for lunch in leiu of going to his picnic in the rain.  This time he agreed.  So we headed over to Red Robin to have a celebratory lunch.

And I am so thankful that we did.  Aside from being able to eat lunch while being warm and dry, Cameron made three more trips to the bathroom while we were there, and the third time he didn’t quite make it all the way to the bathroom.  So we brought him home, put him into his pajamas and let him spend the rest of the afternoon watching cartoons in my bed.  He made a half dozen or so more trips to the bathroom and went through two more pairs of underwear.

The poor kid.  He was so miserable, but there wasn’t much we could do besides feed him a bland diet and let nature take it’s course.  He was such a good sport though.  Any time he had an accident he went right to his room, took off the dirty clothes, put them into the hamper I’d put out for him after the first one, then got dressed in new clothes without ever even telling us.  The only reason we knew is because he would be wearing different clothes all of the sudden.

What a miserable way to end his pre-school career, but it is sort of fitting I suppose.  He started out the school year by catching the barfing flu just hours before we were scheduled to go to orientation.  Perhaps those were subliminal messages he was sending to his pre-school…


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