First Anniversary

May 23 marked one year since I left my job.  Time has flown by so quickly, that I can hardly believe a year has come and gone.  A year ago I was scared to death about leaving my job.  Yes we’d done the math, and yes it looked like we could afford to live on one income.  But there was still a small part of my mind that was worried we’d missed something.

A year ago my children seemed much younger.

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Back then Brendan was just finishing up second grade.  Now I can’t help but realize that in just 80 days he’ll be a fourth grader.  Cameron had just turned 4, and had been in daycare.  Now he’s done with pre-school and will join the ranks of the school age this fall.  Kaylee was 18 months old, still essentially a baby.  Now at 2 and a half she acts like she’s 4 and before I know it she’ll be entering the world of pre-school.

Where did the time go?  I remember last summer thinking to myself that each day was like an eternity and that summer vacation would never end.  I had a love hate relationship with my stay at home status last summer.  I loved not having to get up and go to a job, but I hated that my new job was never ending.  There were no weekends, vacations, or 40 hour work weeks with my new job.

The weather didn’t help any in that respect either.  I love summer.  I love the heat, I love to be outside, I love all the things you can do outside in the summer.  But last summer we were stuck inside, cooped up, with no planned activities to speak of.  By the end of the summer the kids were as ready to go to school as I was for them to be out of the house for a little while.

Last summer I had grandiose plans that within a matter of weeks my house would be cleaned, organized, and spotless at all times.  Now I know better.  While I definitely have more time on my hands to clean the house I also have 3 pint sized mess makers following after me re-making their messes.  And I can’t blame them too much, they need to have some place to play.  I am looking forward to them getting a little older and toys not being in quite the abundance that they are now.  But I think we’ve got quite a few years before they’ll get to that point.

When summer ended, and the kids went back to school I remember thinking that now I’d have more time on my hands.  I wouldn’t have 3 kids to entertain I’d only have 1.  Then I’d be able to get more things done, then I’d be able to keep the house picked up more frequently.  Then I’d have plenty of time to sit down and do nothing but potty train my daughter.  Ha!  I didn’t factor in the amount of time I’d spend running from one school to another dropping off and then picking up boys.  Or that I’d actually have 2 kids home all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Or that the 1-2 kids I’d have home during the day are actually the two that make 90% of the mess in my house.

Mondays and Fridays weren’t so bad.  They were actually when I got the bulk of my housecleaning done.  I’d use the 2 and a half hours that Cameron was gone to punch through as many chores as I could manage.  Wednesdays though were awful.  I had the same amount of time to get chores done in the morning, though it never seemed like I got through as much.  Then it was off to pick up Cameron, bring him home and feed them lunch, Wednesday was no nap day because by the time they got done eating there was only an hour until I had to pick up Brendan.  Then with three kids underfoot, and a two year old who hadn’t gotten a nap there was no way anything was going to get accomplished.  Eventually Wednesday mornings became the quiet before the storm where I’d rest, relax and prepare for the onslaught later in the day.

Please understand, I’m not complaining about staying home.  I no longer have a love hate relationship with that status.  I love being a stay at home mom, and have seen many of the perks that come with being able to be here with my kids every single day.  But my views on being a stay at home mom changed radically over the past year as reality set in and washed away my naive view of what being a stay at home mom meant.

I’m much more prepared for summer vacation this year (a whole seperate blog post will showcase my preparedness later this week).  I’m looking forward to the end of the school year, and having all three kids home with me all day long.  With all of them home maybe I’ll finally get all those things accomplished that I’ve been meaning to all summer.  After all, I won’t be driving kids to and from school all day right?  Right?

Yeah I’m not that dumb.  I’m not falling for that again.  Here’s to summer vacation.  May I get accomplished all that I am able.



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