Lost and Not Found

The other day we put Cameron in his room for rest.  During rest time we turn on cartoons and expect him to stay in his bed quietly and watch them.  We don’t require him to lay down in the bed as this is a rest versus a nap.  And since he isn’t napping we allow him to keep his glasses on during rest time.  Which is why when he came out of his room after rest we were surprised to see he didn’t have his glasses on.

Matt asked him where his glasses were, and Cameron said that he had lost them.  Lost them?  How exactly does one lose their glasses in their bedroom when they weren’t supposed to ever be off their face?  But after a cursory look through the room ourselves we were unable to locate the glasses either.  So we attempted to gain additional information from Cameron about exactly where he was and what he was doing when the glasses went “missing.”  But attempting to get information out of Cameron is completely useless.  Somehow, he couldn’t seem to remember what he was doing or where he was when his glasses went missing.  He wasn’t even sure he’d had them on in the bedroom.

Thankfully we were sure of that. Cameron wears glasses in an effort to correct a lazy eye that was starting to develop.  The eye doctor originally told us he was only required to wear the glasses for 6 hours a day, and the rest of the time could take them off.  When I heard that I began to picture endless fights with my (at the time) 4 year old about how long he’d had his glasses on that day.  So we decided to make him wear them all day long (besides, more is better right?).  That meant that we knew with 100% certainty that he had begun his rest with the glasses on.

We told Cameron he couldn’t leave his bedroom until he found the glasses, but every time we checked on him he was doing something besides looking for them.  Then when we’d question him about it, he’d swear he had looked everywhere already.  Finally fed up, Matt went into the room and tore it apart.  He found the glasses in Cameron’s bed.  The blue frames had blended in with the blue and white sheets on his bed.

It’s not just his glasses that he loses either.  Though it seems that no matter how many times we tell him to put his glasses on either the dresser or the desk in his room he can never seem to remember where he put them when he took them off for the night.  (99 times out of 100 they are exactly where we told him to put them)  He has an uncanny knack for losing his shoes too.

We have a shoe rack sitting right in between our front door and our garage door.  That way, no matter which way y0u enter the house, the rack is convenient for putting your shoes onto.  We don’t require anyone to take off their shoes, but none of the five of us like to walk around the house with our shoes on.  The kids know where their shoes belong, they’ve been told enough times.  Yet somehow, Cameron will decide when we walk in the house that he doesn’t want to take his shoes off, he wants to wear them in the house.  Then at some random point he will change his mind and kick them off, and leave them where ever he was when the urge hit him.

Unfortunately, because their feet grow so darn fast I generally only have one pair of shoes for each of the boys.  This means that if we can’t find Cameron’s shoes that we can’t leave the house because we’ve got no back up.  It got to be such a problem that in the past few months it has become a requirement for the kids to take off their shoes whether they wanted to or not.  It’s helped some, though we occasionally still find his shoes in random places.

He also has a problem losing his clothes.  Yes, his clothes.  In the mornings the first thing we do is give all three kids either a bath or a shower.  Then as each is leaving the bathroom they are handed their clothes for the day and sent to their room to get dressed.  Simple enough right?  They get a shirt, shorts, socks, and underwear.  It’s handed directly to them, or set down right next to them.  I usually say aloud to them which shirt and shorts they are wearing so they know.  There should be absolutely no reason why they don’t know what clothes to wear.

Brendan is very good about it.  Most days he’s helped in the decision making process about what to wear, and can get the clothes from the bathroom and onto his body with little issue.  Cameron, on the other hand, almost never comes out of the bedroom wearing what I’ve given him.  He either comes out wearing some of the dirty clothes the boys flung into the floor the night before that we haven’t gotten picked up yet, or he will pull another set of clothes out of his drawer because he can’t remember what I gave him, or (even more bizarre) he will pull another set of clothes out of Brendan’s drawer because…well…I have no idea on that one.

So a few days ago I was monitoring him getting dressed.  I was so tired of having to make him go back and change his clothes (because they were dirty, or the way wrong size).  He sat down on his bedroom floor and I handed his clothes to him piece by piece, making sure that he knew exactly which clothes he would be wearing, and making sure there were no other clothes around him to confuse him in any way.  I walked away for just a moment in order to run Kaylee’s bath.  When I came back he had (for no reason I could discern other than it looked like fun) flung the clothes across the room and was sitting in his floor naked.

I sternly asked him what he was doing, and why he wasn’t getting dressed.  He has the gall to look at me and say, “I AM getting dressed.”  Really?  With what clothes?  But he leaned forward and grabbed his socks, which hadn’t flown very far and started to put them on.  I went back to wash Kaylee and get her out of the bath.  On my next trip by his bedroom Cameron had on both socks and was lazily twirling his underwear around on his finger.  He was told again to get dressed, and I proceeded into Kaylee’s room to help her get dressed.

After I’d finished dressing her, I walked by his room a third time.  This time he was wearing both the socks, and the underwear and was kneeling on the floor looking at one of the Skylander catch phrases stenciled onto his wall.  Having already told him to get dressed three separate times over the last 20 minutes I lost my temper.  He got the picture and began frantically looking for his shirt.

Meanwhile I went to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast.  By the time breakfast was served a few minutes later, Cameron was completely dressed and at the table ready to eat.  It wasn’t until breakfast was over that I realized things were still amiss.  As Cameron left the table I realized that the shorts he was wearing were so big and baggy on him that they were practically pants…he was again wearing a pair of Brendan’s shorts.  Not just any shorts, but the pair I’d just put into the hamper as Brendan had worn them the day before.

When I questioned Cameron about this he swore the shorts he had on were the ones I had given him to wear.  I took him back into his room to find the original pair of shorts and at first glance they were nowhere to be found.  I finally located them hanging lopsidedly from one of the rungs on his bunk bed ladder where they’d landed when he originally flung the clothes.  I took them down and stood there while he took off the other shorts and finally put on the ones he should have put on in the first place.

I’ve never met anyone quite as able as him to lose things so quickly and completely.  It makes me worry about his memory, but Matt says there’s nothing wrong with his memory…he just has the attention span of a gnat.


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