Long Day, Longer Night

Yesterday was an extremely busy day for us.  That’s not completely out of the ordinary, but truthfully we’ve been so un-busy the last few weeks that it was tough to get back into the swing of things and get us all moving in a timely manner.  But by 11:00 we had all kids and adults showered, dressed, the cars packed and we were on our way.  It took almost 9 hours but in that time errands were run, things were accomplished, and we came home with three very tired children (who hadn’t had the opportunity to nap at all) and feeling very proud of all we’d gotten done.

We quickly got the kids changed into pajamas, their teeth brushed, and settled into their beds.  Matt and I collapsed into the chairs in the living room and just relaxed and chatted for about an hour before we had the energy to rouse ourselves enough to get ready for bed.  About the time we got up, Kaylee started crying.  Matt went in to check on her and startled her so much that her screaming and crying increased instead of getting better.

I came in to see what was wrong and together we got Kaylee calmed down and back into her bed.  She was still hiccupping and sniffling when I left her bedroom but seemed to be well on her way to falling back asleep.  Soon Matt and I were settled into our own bed watching TV, and starting to feel drowsy.  I was almost completely asleep when Matt muted the TV.  I asked him what was going on, and he said he heard Kaylee crying.  It wasn’t until after he said it that I finally heard her myself.

He went to her room to comfort her again, and pretty soon I heard the two of them making their way across the house.  Glancing at my clock I saw it was close to 11:00.  Matt deposited Kaylee into our bed and collected his bedding.  He said that she was so over tired that there was no way either of us were going to get any sleep unless we put her into our bed.  So that’s what we did.  Matt slept on the couch and Kaylee, after a bit more crying and carrying on, settled down to sleep with mommy.

Had that been the only change in our regular routine, the night wouldn’t have been too bad.  But it wasn’t.  Cameron has developed the habit of wandering through the house during the night.  He generally comes into our room and gives me a hug and kiss before wandering back to his own bed and going back to sleep.  All in all, not too bad a thing to live with except that he does this at least twice a night just about every night.  We’ve actually begun to wonder if he isn’t sleep walking, but he seems alert when we talk to him.

So at 12:30 Matt was awakened by the sound of the boys bedroom door creaking open.  I heard him talk to Cameron for a minute, and then Cameron’s silhouette appeared in my doorway.  I invited him in and he gave me his standard hug and kiss before traipsing back out and into his own bed.  I suppose at this point we could’ve moved Kaylee back into her own bed and had Matt come in from the couch, but truthfully we were so exhausted at this point that we both just fell back asleep.

The night progressed and I noticed every time I woke a little to roll over in the bed that Kaylee had crept a little bit closer to me.  By the time I was jolted awake by the living room light at 3:00 in the morning she had turned completely sideways and had her head just below my pillow and her feet hanging off Matt’s side of the bed.  Trying to orient myself and figure out why the living room light was on I heard Brendan and Matt talking.

It turns out Brendan had a nightmare and was describing it in detail to Matt.  Brendan decided he wanted to sleep in our bed rather than his own, and as we already had one kid in the bed, how could Matt tell him no?  So Brendan came gambling into the bedroom and asked me where he could sleep.  Looking at Kaylee and not really wanting to move her I threw a pillow down to the foot of the bed and had him sleep there.

My bed, it seemed, was quickly turning into a game of Tetris.  My upper body was slowly being pushed off the side of the bed by my ever encroaching 2 year old.  My feet were angled slightly toward the center of the bed as their regular spot was taken up by Brendan’s sleeping form.  Then, of course, my cat decided that he needed some snuggle time and curled himself up behind my knees.  We managed to sleep that way the rest of the night.

I’ve been through a lot of difficult situations with my kids through the years, but I really think last night might just take the prize.  I’m really hoping to never go through anything quite like that again.  We’re all taking it easy this afternoon, and looking forward to a long peaceful night of sleep tonight.  I know it probably won’t happen that way, but I can dream can’t I?


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